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  1. K

    find wholesaler

    I have a group of e-cigarette enthusiasts and plan to open an e-cigarette store in XXX city. Where should I get the goods? Is there a large e-cigarette wholesaler who can contact me?
  2. Futo_derek

    Accessories Futo Dugouts

    Hey Everyone. Derek from Futo here. I figured I should make us a thread here to show off and discuss our products. If you dont know about Futo, let me fill you in a bit. We are a small company, located in the heart of the Canadian prairies, that makes dugouts/stashes made from exotic woods and...
  3. Baron23

    Accessories Lucid Custom VapCap Induction Heater

    Well, I got my Lucid Custom Mini VC IH on Monday...USPS screwed me out of 420 delivery!! haha https://lucidcustoms.com/collections/frontpage This is a pic of it: This one is smoke plexiglass and "maple" according to the manf, but if its Maple then its stained maple (and really the grain...
  4. Andy Capp

    Accessories Andy Capp Creations

    Hey all ! I’m Andy Capp:rofl: I purchased my first M in late August ‘18 and it immediately changed the way I consume. It amazes me that such a simple device could have such if an impact on people’s lives. As a machinist, I have a passion to create. I’ve honed my craft and I feel like I can...
  5. Squiby

    Vapcap Tips 1.0

    In honour of our new Vapcap converts, I thought that I would post my tips for Vapcap success and a content and delightful life ... Tip #1 - Respect the click. BOTH WAYS. The cap really does know what it's doing. Sure, you can heat it past the click a second or so, but I have found that...
  6. herbivore21

    Safety The Dynavap Range - Vapcap - M - Omnivap etc

    I thought it was 'high time' that we welcomed our friend George (@Dynavap) to the vape safety section and started discussing some of the most favored vapes in our community - the dynavap range. Since the Dynavap range is a large one, I thought that we should begin with the OG Vapcap in this...
  7. Dynavap

    Vape Dynavap

    Greetings, Here we begin, our thread for Dynavap. I hope this can be a place where everyone can come together to exchange useful information on not only our products, but their own mods and ideas on how we can keep improving. It is a wonderful thing to see others willing to share information...
  8. GreenHopper

    Accessories For the Love of Vapcap Lighters

    Hello and welcome to the VapCap lighters thread. First you need a VapCap (no really YOU DO!), then you need a lighter. To figure out which VapCap you need go to the 'For the Love of Vapcap' thread. There are a multitude of different heat sources that can be used to heat a VapCap but this...
  9. Squiby

    Accessories For the Love of Vapcap

    The Dynavap vaporizer, the Vapcap, has a versatile modular build which lends itself to endless customization. Couple this with an array of imaginative and functional accessories and you have a device that is not only pleasurable to use but also to behold. Each and every one is beautiful and...
  10. phattpiggie

    Accessories Phattpiggies Wood Shed

    For the people who have absolutely no idea who, where, what and why here's a pictorial run thru. The rest of you out there it's great to see you all coming and showing love and support for a woman willing to put her heart and soul into this venture. Start of 2016 and my Vapcap first generation...

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