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2021 - 4/20 Sales

Goo roo designs has a 30% in store that I confused with online. I called asking what the coupon was or if it was added at checkout and she told me in store only........then said call back in 20 minutes for a coupon code.
Now my conscious is bugging me about whether or not to make that call.

I did make the call and they did make the sale so.........win win.
Mothers day gifts for Mrs.arb.
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$50 'off' a $550 bundle...? on 4/20...?! Puffco can eat a big bag of dicks. And for that money, a cheesy foam 'case' is super lame, imo.... It's like they don't even give a shit about their own luxury product... which is nothing more than a big stupid overpriced, suck-the-vapor-thru-the-atomizer, WAX PEN.

The Dr Dabber deal is a little better but I bet you could do waaay better elsewhere with another retailer/reseller for both those today.
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Think ima get $100 (couple of SiC 25mm banger inserts :thumbsup:) worth of crap easy at:

that'll get you free shipping, plus:

"420" Celebration Sale! Save 22% Off of the Entire Store--Use Discount Code "420"

I've purchased from them before, not bad, takes a few days longer than most to ship...
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So now I'm trying to find the best deal on a Ti, well, bong (cuz they aren't really bubblers)... as far as I can see there are really only 2 out there:

This: https://quiverfabrications.com/coll...tte-natural-w-no-attachments-summit-pipe-only

and this: https://danglesupply.com/collections/bongs/products/dangle?variant=27844516282433

Best price I can find for the Quiver is $153 + $5 for shipping with the 15% off code I called and HAD TO ASK FOR (fucker!)

And the best price for the DangleBong is $112 delivered form here (with their 20% off): https://alcove.shop/collections/wat...-outside-titanium-bong?variant=39741869031617

If anyone else sees a good deal on an indestructible "camping" water piece, please post here! Thanks!!
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