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  • Enter our 2nd Annual Design a Sticker Contest here and win an M&M Tech bubbler and a Moodmat!!!
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Giveaway 2nd Annual Design a Sticker Contest


Vapor Accessory Addict
Staff member


It's that time of year again........time to get out your crayons, markers or whatever you use to get creative. :biggrin: Cause it's time to design this year's sticker!

For those of you who may not have been here, last year I announced that every year I would hold a contest and have a member of the community design a limited edition sticker for that year.

We had some amazing entries.... and this design by @Kurtdigglur was the winner.


So let's get this started.... :headbang:

For a little inspiration, here's the prize.... A bubbler from M&M Tech and a 'Lunar Carpet' Moodmat. And some assorted swag of course...
The bubbler sits at 12" and has a showerhead perc. The joint is 14mm female.







So what do you have to do?

  1. Contest is open to all members.
  2. Post a picture/drawing of your design for a new graphic for our stickers. Designs must be free of any prior copyright or water mark. Previous, non winning, entries will be allowed but we encourage using new ideas.
  3. You may post one entry per day.
  4. Discussion is allowed but will not count as an entry.
  5. Contest will run until midnight EDT on Sunday, 8-23-20.
  6. Winner will be chosen by staff.
  7. Winner will be announced Tuesday, 8-25-20.
I can't wait to see what you all come up with this year. Good luck to everyone!

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