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Vapor Asylum Community,

Hope everyone is doing well! My name is Mark from 420EDC where we are based in Maine. Like the other sponsors of Vapor Asylum, we started as a small operation and have grown over the years as we approach our 5th year this summer. During this time we've worked on several projects and 420EDC has grown into what it is today due to our successes and failures along the way.

Our current focus is on outfitting Arizer 2nd Generation Portables (ArGo/Solo2/Air2). We offer different bundles for customers to choose from and build themselves. It's our goal to deliver the best value for the customer as well as service with the goal to be faster than Amazon in getting you your gear. We are happy to assist every step of the way prior to purchase in helping you choose the best device and accessories for your needs. 420EDC is also here for you post purchase with questions on usage or troubleshooting tips to help you make the most out of your vaping experience.

As a 20+ year activist for cannabis law reform, I was literally forced into vaporization when working to tax & regulate cannabis for adult-use. The higher ups told me to stop smoking pot, so I started vaping it. Since 2004, it's been my primary means of consumption for cannabis inflorescence and the more that I learned about this new technology, the more I wanted to share the benefits that impact health and economics around cannabis use. This business would not exist if not for the money saved by vaping instead of smoking over all these years.

We would like to thank @momofthegoons and the rest of the Vapor Asylum for welcoming us to your forum. Please reach out to us here, thru the 420edc.com Chat or any of our social media channels for anything you need or questions/requests you have. We are grateful for the opportunity to help in any way and look forward to what the future holds in regard to vaping cannabis flowers as the plant is more recognized in legal capacities across the globe with each day that passes. Stay safe!


@Kurtdigglur thanks for the warm welcome! We'll be more than happy to put some ArGo enhancing accessories in your hands. Please hollar with any ?s

Arizer ArGo & Solo2 is $169.99 and include free BonusBox (StashCase, Extra Glass, Grinder/2nd Glass, Battery Option((ArGo & Air2only))) Arizer Air2 is $159.99.

Offers don't combine. We are grateful for all the support from the Vapor Asylum! Stay safe & healthy.

FYI folks, we are revisiting the Open Box Grinders on the 420EDC Clearance Page.

The BCG & MM 2.25" 3 Piece have already sold.

Trying to clear out some space on the desk and finish some spring cleaning.

Most of these have sold, still have an OG JYARZ Satchmo Grinder and XL Herb Ripper 3 Piece with Medium Grind Plate. Thanks for all the support on these folks!
Hope everyone is staying safe & healthy!

Our June Sale started on June 1st. 10% Off Most Gear in the shoppe. Excludes already discounted Arizer Vapes and our Clearance page. Use code: 10JUN20

Code expires July 1st 2020.

Thanks for all the support Vapor Asylum.

Stay well!

Thanks for all the support Asylum seekers! It's been a stellar 5 years and we wouldn't be here doing what we love without you.

Thanks for all the support from the Asylum!
Really Amazing Colors, Lake green and Cobalt Blue ....pictures really don't do justice.
These are my Sis X-mas Gifts heading to Germany this week.....just out of the IPA bath

Thanks, Brother, always a pleasure doing business with you!

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Really Amazing Colors, Lake green and Cobalt Blue ....pictures really don't do justice.
These are my Sis X-mas Gifts heading to Germany this week.....just out of the IPA bath

Thanks, Brother, always a pleasure doing business with you!

:love:View attachment 22897
Thanks for all your support! Hope the glass treats you & your Sis proper. Happy 2021!!!
Good Morning Asylum:

Hope you all are doing well!

For anyone not subscribed to our email list, our 2/15 Sale wraps up in 3 days. See details below:

When we published the monthly newsletter we didn't have pricing for the new Storage Cap from Herb Ripper (nor did we know what to call this new product as we referred to them as Cap Tops in the email), we have these listed and available now. The new BackSpacer for the Arizer Solo2/Air2 & ArGo are also getting some promising feedback since release for anyone looking for a microdose solution for the portable Arizer aroma tubes.

Remember to check our homepage for sale details anytime you decide to pay 420EDC a visit. We are grateful for everyone's support.

Stay safe & healthy folks!



She is super pleased with her new long term storage solution, for us logistics can be a bit more challenging due to geographical location and ignorance....
Really nice work with the new TI1E, small and tough, I can see myself having this for the rest of my life.I am impressed, good job man! I really appreciate it !
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Thanks for sharing those shots @Thedev and for all your support of 420EDC! Godspeed on your journeys Stay safe & healthy!

Sale Started Yesterday! Happy belated St. Patrick's Day Asylum seekers!! We are grateful for all your support.

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