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Tips Banger - Nail

You might find some answers in this thread.... and this post of @Baron23 's pretty much sums up what I think you need. Actually the whole thread that post is from has good info.

I'm a fan of the stuff from @710Coil . And have both the D-Nail PID and the Auber. I can honestly say that the D-Nail PID is not worth the extra money and would suggest the Auber. I believe @felvapes and @LesPlenty use DHGate for their bangers..... I haven't tried any of those.
I use these, shop around for the best price, search for artwork banger(they have the nice welded joint between the bowl and the stem that makes for easy q-tip cleaning.

Les, appreciate that. Please Listen To me For Moment ...

I have some very hard, sometimes harsh, ingrained ideas.

After coming here I was intrigued with your post on the DH Rattle Can.

Now with that said I have glass from Italy, Greece, France with my very best glass coming from a German glass blower.
If he is still there. There are also glass blowers here in the U.S. ( Mothership ) that are just stellar ...

That said, it's obvious I like Free World made glass.

However because of your prior post, causing me to think a little, I no longer get upset when camping & glass breaks :smug: THANK YOU !!
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Doesn't get much better than camping with dabs and friends, I am looking at maybe getting an Ispire Daab for just that purpose as I have found my Puffco Peak Pro a little fragile in the electronics department for more than at home in a recliner.
I just cannot be bothered with butane!
The above bangers I linked can also be used with a PID controller and 24mm coil... for great temp control.
I say all glass is a consumable!
Yup the Peak didnt make it past my " Pack It Daily Test " & ultimately couldn't outperform my Switch for a portable at home device.

I dont like saying this ... The truth however is, some of the glass coming from China is a bargain & performs just fine.

However if one is a taste chaser as my self, glass design can encompass art or performance. I luv pieces that have functional art. I hate pants or shorts that have pockets that aren't functional. More for statement than actual use

Functional Creativity is what I have always looked for in glass. Lot of simple glass pieces out there above $500. That dont function as they should ... Not for me.

Sativa Came In ... I gotta Stop:aaaaa:

OK, on topic I'm scanning 710 coils stuff ... I've stated I wuzz doing this before but got side tracked. Some day I'll post pics of my glass. Its become such ... well no, its just embarrassing.

I mean like I'm no hoarder ... Only have the stuff I use in the house. But ya I might have an issue. GOTTA STOP :rofl:
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