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Research Cannabis and Prescription Drug Potential Interactions


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See below list of 57 drugs that these researchers think have a potential interaction that patient's doctors should be aware of. Follow link for full study. I posted the list below

Preclinical Science and Clinical Studies – Review Article

Open Access Gateway
Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol Drug-Drug Interactions
Ugh, sirolimus in combination with another drug is something I could potentially be prescribed. I'm not sure if the clinical trials are over but I expect to hear about this at my next appointment with my specialist. There's a newer Mek inhibitor (something different) that they're having great success with but I don't know about any interactions. Insurance will cover it for kids but I doubt they will for me. I think it's about $1200 a month without coverage. I suppose I can swing that but still damn. My guess is THC is contraindicated as well. If it helps with my disorder I'd have to give up cannabis and that would be hard to do as it's something that alleviates a lot of issues other than pain.

Edit (again) - make that $5k+ (that's just the starting number - I think I saw 7k+ too) for a 60 pill supply.
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