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Tips Cannabis simple syrup


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Cool. Do you use aspartame ?

Not a fan of sugar substitutes
I infused stevia to see if it could be done but did not use it outside that one infusion

Its hard to sell folks on edibles that are not just decarbed herb ground up and sprinkled on food
Just posted on another site trying to help someone with infused caramels
Waste of time


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Some musings on my cannabis simple syrup adventure
There s a tidal wave of info
Things change in months
With some decent equipment and knowledge you can grow and manufacture your own high quality products
Filtering needs to be taken more seriously
Vacuum ovens need to come down in price
People need to be nicer


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The fun continues

They attempted to package it thoroughly but failed
Probably lost a gram or two
The cap unscrewed
This should last several years as the carbon can be cleaned and used again
Hoping it only takes a gram or two to clean up the tincture reductions in the test tube

I will be getting the homogenizer with sonication in a couple of months if my research shows it can be used in syrups and oils


This is what I am doing now
Using the carbonX to figure out how much to use for a scrub
The celite is a must to really clean up the tincture
Made a make shift barrier for the carbon that kind of worked
About half the carbon got through the folds but I was able to recover most of it
Lost about .25-.5 grams
Not bad for learning curve
Also the celite puck was a quickie so it may not have been optimal

Very happy with the results
27 grams cleaned up nice
I will split a 14 gram batch and see how much I can scrub out
This carbon is NOT suppose to grab cannabinoids
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According to the folks on future4200 there is a lot of hidden tek in here
Hope color remediation is in there

There are a lot of parallels to wine making and cannabis extraction and color remediation


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So here is a night in the freezer after a filter of carbonX and celite
A lot of wax
Unsure if you can see it in the pic
This could have been the celite for various reasons or I may need to dewax which will add a layer to the filtering
I wi!l run it through a PES membrane filter to see if this solves the problem
Still refreshing (actually relearning) organic chemistry

Huge pain in the rear trying to downsize the methods used at the industrial level


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This is a membrane filter
When I was doing some research I came across these and tried them to see if I could eliminate the activated charcoal and the carcinogenic byproducts
They did not filter out much of the coloring but they did a good job of cleaning up the tincture of husks and debris from the plant material
Filtered the tincture straight from the freezer
Never tested if the membrane filter filtered lipids and waxes etc.
Back in the freezer
I do think the wax is from my poorly constructed ce!ite puck

Forgot to include this
I will go over to nano filtration fully in about 6 months
Its not for everybody and you can do a decent job with a coffee filter if you don't mind the taste
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Pear syrup
I will not say that you cannot taste any cannabis flavor but I cannot detect it at all
Pear is a very weak flavoring and it has trouble overpowering the cannabis taste
I taste pear, could be ramped up by using 5 pears instead of 3

Pear and vanilla are going to be my flavor bases and I will extract and concentrate the other flavorings

Just a quick note
You can flavor the syrup with beef or chicken stock that is reduced to a tablespoon
It can be added to steak sauce and barbecue sauce
I infuse barbecue sauce and use it on grilled pineapple

The above syrup has 22 grams in 300ml of syrup
The math will make my head explode but it is roughly 1500-1700 milligrams

About 75mg A tablespoon so I will use a half tablespoon and get about forty doses


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About to process tincture for gummies
Going to try to work the syrup into the above recipes
In the layered gummy video there is a coconut pineapple gummy that uses coconut milk which will allow the use of infused oil with the sugar carrier
These gummies will all be full filtered and some of the recipes may not be replicated without a thorough filtering

I'll be working with a whipper on video soon and all those recipes involve heavy filtering
May have to save them for a YouTube channel as the interest may be minimal

Got some flack for my beef and chicken flavored syrup
It works
You are adding it to sauces that already have sugar and are going over beef and chicken already
A1 and Smithfields barbecue for example, use it as a garnish or topping after cooking


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Yup. Read the bread label -- aspartam is there. I dropped bread because of that. Always test what you take.

Really need to start reading labels
Purged most processed food from my diet but a few convenience items like boxed stuffing are still there
Making bread is not hard but....

Cherry flavoring in the making

About a cup of cherries reduced
May do a small batch syrup of 100ml or less, maybe 60ml
I refer to this as a small batch super concentrate that is dosed in fractions of a TEAspoon
I will get in the habit of weighing them in grams when I start writing recipes


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Thank you Janie and Scott

See a what a bunch of people can get done with enough nagging

Syrup will go in seamlessly, I think
Oil may be a little more of a challenge
Their oat milk recipe is awesome too

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