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Tips Cannabis simple syrup


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It is going to come down to insuring every citizen can grow their own
I go to high thc kush cake and gmo for pure pain relief
The sub 20% thc is my go to for everything else
I enjoy myself more and have come to appreciate Sativa like blue dream, Panama red and Columbian gold as well as the Thai cultivar/chemovar
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So making CBD syrup should be simple since I have my thc syrup recipe....
Took over a month to sort out the decarb of cbd flower, still clueless
Settled on a 2X run in the ardent fx as recommended by the maker

Going to see if a recreational product like the syrup can cross over slightly into the medical with a shorter acting sleep alternative to prescriptions and infused oil (which has a longer lasting effect that is heavier)
A few complaints about feeling sedated when waking up from oil based edibles


1gram RSO dart from Sweet Dirt medicinal in Eliot Maine

If you are new to edibles I will crank out a quick video showing how ridiculously easy it is to infuse oil with ready made rso
Take 1 part mct/coconut oil and mix with 1 part rso oil
Want to get fancy, warm both oils up in a hot water bath
Actually recommended, makes the mixing easier and more thorough


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Hemp flower extraction getting scrubbed for cbd edibles
Gave it the full treatment to see how the effects are for sleeping

Looking at other cultivars for cbd

Charlottes Gift​

by Sweet Dirt

About this product​

Charlottes Web x Ringo's Gift


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This is a recreational syrup containing 64g of flower that was extracted with ethanol

Much darker than most of my syrups
Combination of a lot more cannabis oil and I might not have used enough carbon
Bit more cannabis taste than I'm used to but if it only takes a half a teaspoon or less to infuse anything then it will be easy to mitigate
Of course I cannot consume this in a reasonable amount of time so lots of edibles that can be frozen on the menu

More and more info coming in
25mg-50mg seems to be the sweet spot for an average dose to an experienced cannabis user
The cbd tincture from the previous post was converted to infused coconut oil and used in chocolates
First dose report was mixed
Sleep was not as deep as the more balanced thunder struck (10%thc/15%cbd), the hemp flower was less than 1%thc and 18%+cbd
Increased dosage of cbd chocolate for the next round


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I'm going to pull a portion of the syrup to check the distribution and suspension of the cannabis oil
At 64 grams I may be at the limit of infusion for 16 ounces of syrup before it begins a change in texture

I think this is an acceptable amount of sugar at 1/2-1 teaspoon a dose, for a lot of people

There are many new cultivars coming out that are more cbd and cbg forward
I'm picking up
Super sour space candy

Sour Electra

White CBG

Going to be very careful with the decarb to make sure the flower is at or near potential
Doing sample size because I think the more balanced cultivars like thunderstruck are going to be better for sleep than the cbd heavy flower
Need to find out

Managing a lot (A LOT)of pain right now and edibles are getting me through the late morning and well into the late afternoon

I think I can dodge the pharma pain medication road and manage it ALL with cannabis and cannabis products


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Yes, one of the most popular cannabis recipes is hemp oil, but with the help of sugar and water, you can quickly and easily make delicious CBD syrup.


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Yes, one of the most popular cannabis recipes is hemp oil, but with the help of sugar and water, you can quickly and easily make delicious CBD syrup.

One of the issues I'm wrestling with right now is which product will provide the best relief
I use high thc to manage pain so ingesting a concentrated CBD product may interfere with the pain relief
So I am focusing on a topical to use with thc to manage pain

Still trying to nail down a reliable decarb for the cbd and cbg flower


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You just checking to see if we’re paying attention? Or did you post in the wrong thread? :lol:

It is for someone checking the syrup thread
I posted it in my syrup thread on grass city too
I try to keep these personal posts to a minimal
They will get a kick out of it


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I would like to acknowledge Psychedelic Sam and all of his work on home extraction with ethanol
The alternate version of infused simple syrup was his project that he handed off to me

He is seriously ill right now and we are hoping for the best
If you have the time read his tincture threads on Grass City
I will include links in future posts

One of the best people on the internet


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Emergency batch of chocolates going out
Remember you can make a single batch of infused oil and store it in the freezer
I have used oil that is six months old and potent as the day it was made
You do eventually run out at the worst times but here is proof you need only 24-28 hours to make a month supply of medicine
A lot of that time is waiting on the alcohol and decarbed flower to freeze enough for extraction which is 24 hours (you can get away with 8 but...)

What looks like a lot of work becomes very easy after a few tries and you only have to do this every 3-6 months
I infuse enough oil for 6 months and keep tincture on hand for infusing syrups which have a shorter shelf life than oil


I have to convert this to frozen edibles
Going on week 5 and crystallization may set in soon
Still suspended, still distributed throughout


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I am so very sorry to hear this.....

One hell of a cannabis warrior
I consider my infused coconut oil my most potent weapon in my pain management arsenal
Rarely used but when called upon it does the job with no exceptions
A gift from Sam
His work and lab results are all over the different sites

240f (115c) for 40 minutes to activate the thc


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So I did the extraction of the vaped flower
The material is so dried out that a lot of ethanol was needed to saturate it
This makes it a cost issue
If you make your own ethanol maybe not much of an issue
For me I have to buy ethanol so extraction of vaped flower is cost prohibitive to me
I could buy some flower and use 100ml to extract it and have a much better tincture
Ill clean up what I have and try to get it tested

So I'm just tossing my spent flower


If I get it tested and something worthwhile is in there I will revisit the whole process to see if it can be done cheaper
Backburner issue for some patients
Sorry the process is the hurdle but the material is too dry and of unknown content for extraction

Next up is expired distillate cartridge extraction
The carts were stored in the freezer prior to expiration
Also, finally get to the RSO dart from Sweet Dirt Medicinal

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