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Lunacy Caption This!!!

"Just be yourself!"

While Bobby's father subscribed to the idea that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish, you have fed him for life.

Sadly, Bobby is a moron and didn't quite understand the essential parts of the lesson.

Oh, my dreams come true! (hahahaha)


"We'll have those balls frozen up for you in just a moment, sir"

Somehow Betty conflated being a Refusenik with being the Easter Bunny.

She's a gal who takes bare back riding seriously....

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Sorry about screwing up the sequence...but @momofthegoons last pic...wow, they must be mad dog Englishmen. Last job before retiring was working for a British company. Loved the people...but its true. They seem to embrace eccentricity more than any other society I know of! LOL

American company...you get solicited to sponsor their 50K bike ride for MS.

British company....you get solicited to sponsor their race across the Kalahari Desert on Mopeds. They really were like that! LOL

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