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Meds CBD Quick chocolate experience


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These are CBD quick chocolates
It is a basic store bought block chocolate with some lecithin, if needed-most store bought has it already, and infused coconut oil
It is not the recipe but the CBD I want to discuss

This is a strain called thunder struck 10% thc 15% cbd

I made them for my wife who does not consume anything, not even caffeine
She had a root canal and was hurting
90 minutes in the pain dulled and shortly after she was out cold
Up once, reported NOT being high, out again
Heavy dose of CBD but some of the thc had to get the 11-hydroxy conversion so more reporting is necessary
She was pleased with the results
If I catch her on a good day I will see if she will post her experience

Pics are to satisfy "pics or it didn't happen"
This batch was a small batch where I evaporated the alcohol off in a loose lid jar in the fridge, very little alcohol

Cold ethanol extraction folks
Taste and potency


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So an update
She did in fact get a little high
Described it as being fuzzy
The chocolate was 30+ mg so overkill for the first time
She did not green out or get a recreational high
She was heavily sedated so the cbd did its job
She is using smaller doses in place of Ambien for now
Good results

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