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Grow Considering growing cannabis/hemp outside, tips and where to get seeds?


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I am thinking about growing weed outside. I live in the PNW, zone 8b I think. I didn't know it was possible out here or what the results would be, but a friend of mine is growing plants in his garden just fine. I know he can provide me with some tips, but I wanted to grab as much knowledge as possible to digest.
I have been gravitating toward CBD heavy strains due to various reasons. I am even considering growing hemp just for the CBD. Buying hemp shake would be the alternative. Not sure what would happened if I grew them both. I grow herbs and some foods, but I have very little knowledge of cannabis growing and pollination.

I started looking for seeds, but ran into the issue of most places selling wholesale, since most hemp seed suppliers are for folks who are growing acre fulls of the stuff for market production. As for cannabis seeds, last time I heard anyone talk about where to get them was twenty years ago and they were reading the "High Times". So, where is a reliable place to buy seeds online for either?

What are the most important considerations that are particular to this plant once I get them sprouted?



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Most of our members that grow are indoor growers.... I know @MikeyRipz grows outside... maybe he can chime in.

One thing I do know is that you should not grow hemp and cannabis together. They should be kept separate. That was one thing folks that grow outside were a bit worried about when hemp became legal; the hemp plants pollenating their cannabis.

As far as seeds go... you might have better luck posting that question in this thread. It might also have a source in it for you.


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And while I cant offer any knowledge of growing hemp or CBD. I would research strains that are high in cbd find one that sounds appealing to you and find a seed company on the west coast or the emerald trialnge that has what your looking for. Also your local grow store can be very helpful and very knowledgeable. And may be able to find you clones?

Personally not a fan of the hemp grows every year my outdoor has beans.

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