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Meds Dabs and Slabs


Herb Gardener.....
Hopefully those dabs are helping with the pain of those broken bones.... Bet you're real glad you stocked up when you did.
Yeah it was worth buying 4oz of it.. i have no concern for rationing.. absolutley massive dabs in the bucket.. and my disposable goo pen.. and some feco gummies... going all out..


Herb Gardener.....
Good to see you back mate
Sorry to hear of the news, hope you're alright
Thanks.. ill survive... what doesnt kill you makes you stronger right..??
Either that or massively weakened by the impending crippling arthritus to follow...


Vapor Accessory Addict
Staff member
Electric Lemon G live resin. Mighty tasty....



Well-Known Member
Company Rep
Today's squish on some average buds...only 16% yield but works well enough. :thumbsup:

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Dynavap VGoodiez 420EDC JYARZ