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Accessories Dynacrafts. Hand made wooden stems for the Dynavap


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Accessory Maker

Now that I got your attention my name is Jonathan, and I make handmade wooden stems for the Dynavap. Here is my shop, IG is here. My stems only take the tip, and they have no air port. They are wooden air paths that are sealed if the wood is a allergy risk. I use all water based food safe finish materials. No heavy or harmful chems, no stain or oil based sealers. I release new lines once every two weeks, and give daily updates on every day but Saturday. I do all this and work 60h a week so my response times is limited to around 10-12pm est. I will answer every question that I can.

All of this has a Frank Herbert theme mostly from Dune. But I am an avid Herbert fan and reread his books ( All of them ) once a year. But you can enjoy any of my stems with out all the razzmatazz, that is me keeping it fun. I really enjoy doing all this and that is why my prices are so low. This is a hobby and to quote Frank Herbert “This wise man observed that wealth is a tool of freedom. But the pursuit of wealth is the way to slavery.” So my top priority is quality, and satisfaction. That is how I sell jaw dropping stems at rock bottom prices.

But enough about me you all want to see the proof so here are a few.

This is a Lady Jessica line that I gave a layered illusion finish on it. That is all grain, no stain just water based food safe turners finish. But with enough sanding and work I can give the illusion that some of the grain is higher than the other parts. Also with the high polish I can allow for light refraction making the grain look reflective when held at the right angle in the right light.

Ohh but I can do so much more lets have a look at the Ghola Effects I can put on stems.

This is a test unit for the Futar line coming on July 6th. It looks nice but it is a Ghola, in fact it is the Eyes of the Ibad Ghola. So we hold it in the right light and you get.


Nice blue light refraction. That is what the Ghola effect is. And here on Vaporasylum is the first look any one has had at the Eyes of the Ibad Ghola effect coming July 6th. Did you notice the purple in the first pic? That is the Mother of Pearl Ghola effect that is available now.

Here you can see the Mother of Pearl Ghola effect.

Here is a Teg with out any Ghola Effect.

I can take requests and that is mostly done through my IG account. But know that I run limited runs with limited stock. I only use veneer cuts and that limits my supply greatly. But I gladly make a custom just I may not have the wood you want on hand. But for the store stock that is limited runs that I can revisit but I am trying to get through a lot of lines before I bring one back. I think that is about it, if you have any question any at all please ask me.... Well pertaining to the stems and dynacrafts. I like to keep my personal life personal. I am weird like that. As always...

Good Puffen! 07

Tomorrow is an production day in the wood shop so there will be a update and a road map taking us to August. Here is a look at the Shah-halud Ghola that will be dropping in August. The finish on the Futars is coming along. At some point I need to take a week or so off of Dynacrafts so I can get other things in my life in order, so that may come in June after the Futar launch. I will have the details for you all after the production tomorrow. As always...

Good Puffen! 07

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