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DIY E-cig coils and attys for dabbing


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Idea for this thread came from a conversation with @2clicker about the merits of stainless steel wire e-cig coils for dabbing. Prior to using this method, dabbed from a SiC HALO D-nail and glass which now sits unused. Flavor and effects with wire coils are similar to a temperature regulated dab, and it's portable.

Interest in learning or discussing?

Eye candy, the new coil. Typically build one before each session. (That's completely unnecessary and probably pathological - they can be cleaned ultrasonically between sessions.)


A stitched, Mohawk alien inception coil. Just learning the whimsical art of wire building.

To build this wire, three 26G stainless steel core wires, arranged in a pyramid, are "claptoned" with a 36G wire (thinner). Claptoning wraps one wire around another, using a drill, to give the appearance of a guitar string (hence, "Clapton"). This one doesn't look like a guitar string because the cores aren't wrapped with straight wire. Instead, they're wrapped with a long, thin, stretched coil (like a spring or Slinky) made by slipping the core from a regular clapton. Wrapping with this gives the wavy appearance characteristic of "alien" builds. If you look closely, you'll notice one more feature - a 40G wire binding each wave to the core. This is the "stitch", made by threading 40G wire through the 36G clapton that you've just slipped the core from. This makes the wire easier to wrap into the triangular, spiked "Mohawk" pattern (and looks cool).

The effect is to dramatically increase surface area without increasing resistance. Negligible current flows through the thin clapton and stitch wires, but these heat almost as hot as the cores by conduction. Any thirsty wire will do, like regular and "staggered" claptons as well as braided wire, which are available prebuilt.

Once a few inches of wire are wrapped, it's time to wrap an inception coil. But that's a story for another post. The coil above is only 7mm in diameter.

With a dab of shatter gently melted in at the lowest temperature setting. Prevents sucking the dab, unvaped, into the drip tip, with this bottom airflow atomizer. On the left, see how it fills those nooks and crannies, all about to be heated to 450F? The dab is vaporized as quickly as with a nail, even starting cold. This build is 0.16 Ohms and heats quickly.


The current rig. Tendou's Tokugawa RDA atop EHPro's Fusion mod. The Tokugawa is nearly perfect for this. Just purchased a second one, as they're becoming difficult to find. The Fusion is a unique mod designed to power a dual-chambered atomizer. In the e-cig world, a vaper would load two flavors and switch between them or combine. Like it because the temperature control, while not full-featured, will regulate almost anything. Of course, the curved glass drip tip can be removed for portability, but it's helpful to visualize the dab. While deceptively quick and gentle, the temperature can be set to vape the entire dab with nothing left to burn off.
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Pretty colors on this one after one use.


The atomizer top is replaced with a GOnG reducing adapter (that fortuitously fit this atomizer). There's much more room, so this is a bigger coil. It's loaded in the middle, inverted, and attached to any glass water piece. Allows full flavor and effects 600F, hotter than without water cooling. Sometimes the dab will drip and fall onto the heated bottom coil for an even more nail-like experience.

Threw this rig together for a party. Found glass teapot atomizer tops on FastTech which fortuitously fit over Vaporesso Transformer deck, on which a Mohawk alienception coil is mounted.


Just drop a bead of shatter into the funnel. Loads perfectly every time for a flavorful, temperature-controlled dab!

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