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Vape Elium Portable Vaporizer for Dry Herb and Extracts


Getting the Good stuff was never so EZ!

From the manufacturer

A Truly Smart Vaporizer​

The moment you try Elium, you’re experiencing the future. Elium’s patented breakthrough technology ensures full flavor for every serving. With Elium, you’ll taste the difference.

Live Resin​

Elium works great with live resin
and other semi-liquid extracts



Elium works great with distillates
and other liquid extracts



Elium also works great with flower
or other loose leaf herbs

Automated Extract Delivery​

Extrude oils directly into the oven at the push of a button. Elium gives the user more control over their serving size while delivering fresher hits every time.

Unlock Power for Extracts​

Elium has the ability to reach higher temperatures when vaporizing extracts. Temperatures can range from 0-500°F, giving it the ability to vaporize small and large servings alike.

Hybrid Heating Technology​

Elium combines convection and conduction heating to reduce the need for stirring when vaporizing herbs and to deliver full robust flavor when vaporizing high terpene extracts.

No Smartphone Needed​

With Elium’s built in navigation system you do not need a smartphone to access full functionality. We are focused on the user experience with an aim for simplicity


I will be participating in beta testing for this device. I have spend some time talking to Robin, the founder, on it and it's pretty exciting to see where he is taking this. I will report as I have more to share.


Getting the Good stuff was never so EZ!
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Herb Gardener.....


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Hi @robin_eliumvapor, i want more details...

What materials are used for the heater.. ???

Is the air/vapor path isolated...???
Heater is enclosed in a 316 stainless steel sleeve and is completely isolated from the electronics. It produces hybrid heating (convection/conduction) Final mouthpiece will be made from Zirconia ceramic and vapor path is also isolated from the rest of the device.


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Looking forward to seeing how this performs with rosin.:popcorn:


Herb Gardener.....
Any ideas on price range for this....

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