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Vape Focus Carta V2


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Dabnation swindled the original owner/maker by getting his Chinese manufacturer to make the Carta for them.
Should be fine getting from PIU.
Fair enough
Well I don't know, but Focus V the company has not only accepted my serial number as a legit registration for the 3 year warranty they give but are already going to honour the warranty

The plastic ring that screws on the top of chamber has a crack in it - probably from heat expansion

Anyway, I contacted focus v and had told them where I purchased it from and they are happy to replace and create a label for post to them while they send a replacement

So who knows, but appears to be no bad blood between them and no issues with legitimacy with my unit

And piu are free post is why I used them where focus v charged postage :thumbsup:



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With more use of the Carta I find it a great little vape
I have been comparing the quartz vs Ti
Still waiting for my sic to turn up

With a slower draw you can help prevent the wall climb using either quartz or Ti

Quartz is tasty and is as quartz is generally
Ti is good too and on very first draw like a lesser halo sic
On both the following draws are not as tasty - not bad just not flavourous

Both clean the same way
Take off after dab
Iso qtip and scrape with fluff taken off qtip a few times
Put back on and do a few full temp burn offs

I find the Ti hits harder than the quartz
I find that the halo sic does a bit more than the quartz dish also

Quartz maybe creeps a bit more

Halo and Ti hit harder and straight away

So I like the Ti more with the Carta

Looking forward to the sic for the Carta to arrive


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My two carb caps arrived

They both make things smoother and a bit easier to clean up

One works much better than the other

I got this in F style
It works, but not as well as the next one
It is smooth and hits okay, but the clouds are a lot thinner than native

This one is the better of the two or best of the 3 I own
It is smoother, gives thick clouds and is easiest to clean
Still a bit of cleaning needed but this is better than the native or other gate cap
I think the fact that the hole is smaller like the native helps
Less wasted vapour too and more gets through to the water bubbler before globbing

The hole on the other bubble is too big

I like this cap a lot, keen to see how it goes with sic

I tried with a ruby pearl
It tastes really good, best with the last cap posted

But I don't use it as it tends to cook more rosin on the bottom which is harder to clean up and takes more qtips

So brilliant flavour with a ruby pearl, but cleaning becomes annoying

I am using the 2nd cap posted from the gate with Ti chamber
Smooth and easiest clean up so far

Will report back with sic results when it arrives


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The Everlast Coil no longer has a lifetime warranty, it is now only 12 months, maybe not as everlasting as they first thought. May as well stick with the standard and get a rebuild kit for a spare as the everlast sucks more power and delivers less than the standard.


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The Everlast Coil no longer has a lifetime warranty, it is now only 12 months, maybe not as everlasting as they first thought. May as well stick with the standard and get a rebuild kit for a spare as the everlast sucks more power and delivers less than the standard.
I saw this
I got a spare normal coil on the way
Half the price of the everlast one
So far no issues with this one with daily use

Focus disappeared for a while on the email but have got back to me again the other day
They are going to send me a new cap so I don't have to send anything back and wait

In the meantime I have been using the one I have that broke into 3 parts after the above picture
I used my good ol cooking twine to fix so I haven't been out while waiting

Organic cooking twine, fixes bongs and Carta bits :D

My sic dish hasn't arrived yet, I messaged DHgate seller and they said it was delivered according to tracking
Unless one of the local ratbags stole my mail it never arrived

I'm in the middle of negotiating a replacement



Well-Known Member
I got a couple of packages today

My replacement cap from focus v warranty claim arrived
And my spare atomisers and batteries from puff it up

Focus V sent me a cap to replace the broken one I had
I'm not sure what's material they use but it is a plastic type part that screws on top that surrounds the metal lid itself

The one they sent as a replacement is a ceramic lid that has metal threads and an all ceramic lid for vapour to pass
It has a silicone Cover to shield fingers from heat when screwing on/off

This lid is a much better construction than the one that comes with the atomizer that is metal lid with plastic type material threads

It functions really well
The flavour is slightly different, but still quite nice
The vapour is a lot smoother and nicer to inhale
The Ti bucket seemed to clean up a bit easier so maybe better vapourisation using this ceramic lid

Really happy with the CS from Focus and the upgraded lid they sent as a replacement
Also the honouring of warranty despite the apparent issue with dabnation pointed out by @LesPlenty

Pictures next to the of lid that I've repaired with twine


The spare batteries I got from PIU are perfect
They also have 1200ma printed on each individual battery as the ones that came with my Carta
Given that these are from PIU I believe them to be genuine
They came in a nice little carry case
Pics of batteries, case and of new and old together showing they say they are 1200ma


I also got one of the dry herb atomisers to try

Now I did this to see and for fun
All reports are it isn't great on dry herb

I can see why people say it is not good and I probably won't use it a lot
But it does get you stoned and appears to extract quite well and evenly

It has a ceramic chamber which usually gives good flavour

It tastes good - but the flavour is not strong so it's a bit weird
Also there is not a lot of visible vapour
A few puffs and it's done with thin vapour
Definitely can see why people say it doesn't work especially if you are a cloud chaser like I can be at times
But it actually got me quite buzzed
You just don't notice at first because you don't get a lot of or thick vapour and there is no flavour burst
It's very subtle with a decent hit

So not my best herb vaporizer but actually more capable than I thought

The avb/abv is pretty even and brown

I had first sesh start on lowest setting
I had to step it up and ended up using top temperature
I didn't really get any vapour until full temp

The second bowl I went on full from start and got better vapour production on exhale but still not huge clouds

It's interesting as the preset temps are
842 in fahrenheit

Which would normally be too hot for dry herb at the lowest temp

I think the design of the atomiser probably makes the inside temp a lot less than when using rosin buckets atomiser

Only thing I can think anyway

The spare wax atomiser from PIU looks identical to the one that came with my Carta
Hopefully I won't need to use it for a good while

Pics of avb and atomiser

It also came with a tyre like silicone piece that I have no idea where it goes or what it is for


Overall still really loving this vape
Even more so knowing if I need it is capable of getting me stoned with dry herb and also since using the ceramic lid
Upgraded and better

Spare batteries is great to have too

I am still negotiating a replacement for the sic bucket that disappeared from my mailbox apparently from the gate

I think once this arrives I will enjoy the Carta even more so
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Yesterday I had only one dab through the new lid

After further use I think it is a huge upgrade
The ceramic lid tastes a lot better and is much smoother
I feel I'm getting a bigger or better hit too
Also a much sturdier design that looks safer and like it won't break

If anyone buys a Carta I definitely recommend a ceramic lid and the DHgate cap I posted above

It makes this capable vape a little beasty

I can't wait to try with a sic dish also
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Well-Known Member
Been looking into the app
I downloaded it but when I went to use it the app asks for so many permissions
I don't know if I want to give an app access to make phone calls and my pictures etc

Why focus v do they need this info to work an app
It's like Google and fedbook keeping all our information

A bit suss

Haven't used yet just downloaded and went to setup
Now thinking before using


Well-Known Member
The second sic bucket that I ordered arrived the other day
The first was apparently stolen from the mailbox ...

So I have one for the price of two
Lucky I love it

This has completed the attachment adds and really upgraded the vape

It tastes really good and makes the vapour super smooth
It's kind of like a mini halo sic now

The Ti bucket is more intense flavour
The sic is more subtle, but it is better taste over all and more haloesque
You can take some decent size dabs now with less wall climbing and good hits without too much cougherousness

It cleans up sooo much easier than either the quartz or Ti
I use much less qtips to clean after each dab
I still prefer to remove the bucket before cleaning -but this is so I don't put too much pressure on the atomiser and possibly break it

A few qtip and iso swabs then back on to do a burn off and it's good to go
Big improvement here

Also I find when I clean the rest of the Carta that it is a lot less dirty
More vapour seems to get through to the bubbler without sticking along the way?

I have found that it's best to do a bit of a heat soak before adding the dab, the sic seems to absorb the heat a bit slower and hold it longer
It's also slightly thicker construction than the Ti

I still have not played with the app
I would like to and although I only use it on 500 happily, I think the sic being thicker could possibly do better at 550 in the focus
On halo I use at 500 and finish at about 570
I just am still suss on the app wanting access to.my entire phone
They don't need this
Maybe I should break out an old phone and wipe it clean and it can be my Carta phone....lol

If anyone was to buy a Carta my recommendations would be

Buy a DHgate sic bucket
Buy a ceramic lid from focus (or wait till the plastic one breaks and see if they give you a replacement like I got) Either way obtain a ceramic lid
And buy a bubble cap from the gate also

The bubble cap may not be as necessary if you have the first two mods, but helps nonetheless

The sic bucket and ceramic lid make this a killer portable and a mini halo
Really stepped up the quality of this rig

Easier clean, big smooth hits and good taste

The sic bucket is "sic mate"......


Well-Known Member
My carta stopped working a couple of months ago
I thought the coils were the issue

I contacted them

I had to fill out a warranty form and they were going to organise a label to send back etc after I sent videos of the issues

After I did so they sent an email saying that as I was an international buyer they would just send me a new base

It arrived promptly

Two coils I had were broken still
One worked fine and better than the unit ever did

So super service from Focus v and my unit works better than it ever did
Better taste and hit
Also easier and quicker to clean

A tick to focus v
Font know if dabnation sent dodgy as @LesPlenty suggested or just a common thing

But focus as a company great cs and communication

My carta is better than it ever was

Still waiting on DHgate replacement coils to try


Well-Known Member
I have not used a Carta as I tend to shy away from rigs that us an "atomizer" type heater.

But I have used the Carta glass on a NV Tsunami (uses a true enail Ti banger and coil) and liked it WAY better than the Peak glass on that device (the Tsunami can take either or now a hydratube option).

But the Tsunami is indeed very expensive (to me) and I have not found the desire for one to yet outweigh the price.



Well-Known Member
DHgate diy repair coils arrived today
Swapped one over, easy to do
Works fine
Carta back in action on all coils again for cheap
Jcvap on the gate was the seller
Coils got here in a week so super fast compared to other sellers


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What is the latest update on your rig @felvapes, what is the setup you have settled on?


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I use the Ti bucket that comes with the Carta
The quartz was tasty but a bit messier as the rosin climbed the walls more
The sic seemed to blow coils quickly

DHgate diy coils are perfect and easy to change

Since using the Ti again I haven't blown any coils though
The unit has work d flawlessly with Ti bucket

I bought two lots of DHgate coils to repair the blown ones as they were blowing regularly at first but once I thought to stop using the sic to see if that was the issue I haven't had to repair a coil

So quartz is nice but messier
Sic was best but blows coils
Ti is still tasty and works best all round and no more blown coils

Tbh honest I haven't counted the number between coils blowing but know it was very quick using sic and since using the Ti it has been running for quite a few months with no issues

My last post above was December and I'm on the same DHgate repaired coils since then

Short answer lol - Ti og bucket is the setup I use now and I have DHgate coils as back up to repair but haven't had to since stopping using the sic

I also have the ceramic lid/ring that screws on top of atomiser
The plastic ones that came with broke quickly
Focus sent me the ceramic as a replacement as I'd mentioned above ages ago
It is much better for flavour and function

So -
Ceramic ring
Ti bucket
DHgate coils for replacing if any blowouts but have been running on last fix for months
I also no longer need to remove the bucket to clean between dabs to save coils


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The latest version comes with a bit different atty, Everlast atty and led light show in the glass...I think it is the glass,
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The latest version comes with a bit different atty, lifetime Everlast atty and led light show in the glass...I think it is the glass,
Yes I saw this in the email newsletter they sent me
It looked like it was just fancy lights and the everlast as a difference
I didn't bother to buy an everlast when some ppl had them blow and it cost so much
Also the DHgate replacement diy worked and since setting up with the Ti and the ceramic ring I haven't blown any

The video looks like the everlast has a ceramic ring too
Looks like my atty now


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