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Vape Focus Carta V2


Well-Known Member
Which dodgy practice blokes were these?
Dabnation swindled the original owner/maker by getting his Chinese manufacturer to make the Carta for them.
Should be fine getting from PIU.


Well-Known Member
Dabnation swindled the original owner/maker by getting his Chinese manufacturer to make the Carta for them.
Should be fine getting from PIU.
Fair enough
Well I don't know, but Focus V the company has not only accepted my serial number as a legit registration for the 3 year warranty they give but are already going to honour the warranty

The plastic ring that screws on the top of chamber has a crack in it - probably from heat expansion

Anyway, I contacted focus v and had told them where I purchased it from and they are happy to replace and create a label for post to them while they send a replacement

So who knows, but appears to be no bad blood between them and no issues with legitimacy with my unit

And piu are free post is why I used them where focus v charged postage :thumbsup:



Well-Known Member
With more use of the Carta I find it a great little vape
I have been comparing the quartz vs Ti
Still waiting for my sic to turn up

With a slower draw you can help prevent the wall climb using either quartz or Ti

Quartz is tasty and is as quartz is generally
Ti is good too and on very first draw like a lesser halo sic
On both the following draws are not as tasty - not bad just not flavourous

Both clean the same way
Take off after dab
Iso qtip and scrape with fluff taken off qtip a few times
Put back on and do a few full temp burn offs

I find the Ti hits harder than the quartz
I find that the halo sic does a bit more than the quartz dish also

Quartz maybe creeps a bit more

Halo and Ti hit harder and straight away

So I like the Ti more with the Carta

Looking forward to the sic for the Carta to arrive


Well-Known Member
My two carb caps arrived

They both make things smoother and a bit easier to clean up

One works much better than the other

I got this in F style
It works, but not as well as the next one
It is smooth and hits okay, but the clouds are a lot thinner than native

This one is the better of the two or best of the 3 I own
It is smoother, gives thick clouds and is easiest to clean
Still a bit of cleaning needed but this is better than the native or other gate cap
I think the fact that the hole is smaller like the native helps
Less wasted vapour too and more gets through to the water bubbler before globbing

The hole on the other bubble is too big

I like this cap a lot, keen to see how it goes with sic

I tried with a ruby pearl
It tastes really good, best with the last cap posted

But I don't use it as it tends to cook more rosin on the bottom which is harder to clean up and takes more qtips

So brilliant flavour with a ruby pearl, but cleaning becomes annoying

I am using the 2nd cap posted from the gate with Ti chamber
Smooth and easiest clean up so far

Will report back with sic results when it arrives

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