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Meds Formulated hemp extracts


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There's been an explosion of hemp extracts available due to the new federal hemp law passed last year. All sorts of new hemp cannabinoids being produced now, Delta 8, delta 10, HHC, THC-O , THC-P. They are available in cartridges, edibles, concentrates, and infused hemp flowers, pre-rolls . Have you tried any of these products ? Would you try any of these ? Or are you concerned about health issues ? I get emails everyday trying to sell these carts and edibles and I'm wondering what testing if any has been done ?



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I've noticed you can even buy hemp based products at Walmart and the local hardware store now (Hempvana). But that product line doesn't concern me as much as the unregulated carts that are being sold as CBD or Delta 8. It reminds me of the early days of legalization.... where the carts were untested and had all sorts of carriers used that were unhealthy to breathe (like coconut oil).

@Riverrat would you care to share your experiences with Delta 8?

I have no desire to try any of this stuff.



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Not going all high tech with my explanation if you no know nothing about Delta 8 going here would be a good start


I first heard of Delta 8 about a year ago. Here in Kansas Herb is not legal. However some local farmers jumped whole hog into farming Hemp, a freaking bunch of hemp was produced here in Kansas.

To get to the point what bothers me most about the Delt 8 & other products carrying the Delta moniker are the unknown lasting or short term health effects. This stuff is very tacky in dab form. How tenacious is the vapor at binding with inner lung tissue ? Not something I want.

The thing that bothers me most, by my own admission may not be an issue at all. However the Delta 8 dabs dont change over to vapor in the same manner as herb based trates. Delta 8 will take some very serious heat. It reminds me of synthetic grease we kept on our 2 SAWS overseas one time.

I'm fully aware of the nature of my reasoning here. It's based on what I've seen & feel with little facts as to why I will no longer use Delta 8. It's really simple .... I SIMPLY DONT KNOW. There remain to many questions at this point in time & there is way to much room for variation & additives ( To Make Flow More Better In Karts ) among different producers of it.

Also I have to ask myself, what are the Delta products offering that I dont already have ? One thing , it's a powerful one, its legal. After the legal hurdles then availability is no longer the issue it once was.

Beyond this it's not cheaper & the effects can be less than or just different. So at this point I see no reason to continue with it.
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