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Community Howling Hills Zingers


I know that everyone that was vaping before 2015 knows what a Zap is....
Myrtlezap, Aromazap, Ceramic RockZap
Log vape history... made by one of the greatest people I know.... Rick Harlow.
Pat used to make beautiful dragonflies of wire and intricate beads to enhance the brass "aroma flower" that
sat on top of the Zaps to disperse essential oils. Zaps came with lavender or lemon!!
Rick and Pat have a farm, and have grown edible flowers, and all kinds of produce to support themselves.
Howling Hills is the name of their place for all of the dogs that would set the area to howling at once.
These are specially seasoned, dried cherry tomatoes that description will not do justice here.
Please check these out for yourselves at;
Uncle Vito

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Dynavap VGoodiez 420EDC JYARZ