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Lunacy I Collect Pins - Because They're Cool


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I think pins are cool. I have a few. It captures a place in time. I collect tins. I suppose nobody else collects those either. Like tins that you get that have cookies or candy in them. Or you can buy special tins like at Xmas time to put cookies that you baked in them. I buy them and then I end up not giving them away because I like it too much. You can put gifts in them as well.

I collect small flat rocks that I like to paint on. Like a little canvas. People like getting something unique like that.

I used to store my weed in tins.
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Jeez. No love for pins? That's a first for me.

What do y'all collect? Brooches? :tongue:

Then what do y'all collect?
Well... there's a thread about collections.... and had you seen it... you would have seen this pic...


Just a small sampling of some of my faves....


Denny Crane!
My pins, my concert tees and most of my album collection went missing in transit during a move
Lost early recordings from the late seventies and early eighties Paradise Rock Club
Miss those cigarette and stale beer headaches at Buzzys roast beef in Charles circle in front of the Charles street jail
Make bail and get a sandwich at 10:00 am on a Sunday morning........or so I've heard

So right now I'm collecting concentrate containers
Very eco friendly
Holy shit I'm wrecked from making the concentrate in the convection oven
Minor leaguer in a major league game

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