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Misc. In your opinion is vaping in America on the rise ? Or are Canadians more health conscious than Americans ?


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In your opinion is vaping in America on the rise ? I hear it's big in Canada. Are Canadians more health conscious than Americans ?

I started out smoking joints, and pipe loads. Then I was into the one hitters and bongs. I remember what really prompted me to start vaping . I was coughing up bits of my lung with really black phlegm after a marathon bong session. I then learned to vape with a Flowermate, it had three temp levels and a set of vague directions. I figured it out and before long I knew there was something better . I've tried to get my friends and family to convert , but they still love to combust :doh: . I've gifted Fury's and Dynavaps to them and they still prefer to smoke. What's your experience ?
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Given the amount of new products that have been brought to the market and the increasing number of active vendors over the last few years then IMO use is on the rise. If it's being driven by health concern and how that compares to the Canadian model I have no clue.


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I'm Canadian and have been vaping only since around 2015. Although I've gifted several Vapcaps in hopes of converting combustors and have one friend with a Volcano, the main consumption preference in my sphere continues to be the good old fashioned joint.
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I think the problem that they were having with vape cartridges have given vaporizing a bad name. It’s cofusing for those that don’t understand our flower vaporizers. It’s lack of knowledge. Really too bad.
ive been trying to convert my brother. I’ve given him a couple vaporizers. He likes his wooden pipe. He thinks all the smoke is a good thing. I’ve given up! He’s set in his ways. All I know about is U.S - it seems like a joint is what people use.

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