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Accessories Interplanetary Development (Also Known As: ID; #)


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Accessory Maker
Hey friends,

I’m Tanner with Interplanetary Development.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I'll likely get back to you in a reasonable amount of time. (Just make sure you ping me)

We currently are a fairly small operation. But we make and design products that we actually want to use. Both in terms of quality AND usability.

Anyways, we currently offer:

Herb Grinders:

The Super Weapon II


The Push Press

Smell Proof Baggies:
  • 2.5x7.25 (Great for small portable vapes! Like the Pax2 or VapCap)
  • 3x4
  • 4x6 (Most popular!)
  • 8.5x10 (Almost the size of a piece of paper!
  • 12x16 (This one is huge)

Smell Proof Baggy Size Comparison Graphic

The future always holds new products. We just got the PushPress released and now we only have one more new product planned for the year! Who knows if well come out with something totally unplanned and/or what next year will bring. (Other than the Super Weapon III of course!)

Other than that, we are always open to product ideas/suggestions.

If you want to keep in touch, you can sign up for our mailing list on our website or follow us on Instagram @InterplanetaryDevelopment. I promise you, we don’t spam either of them.

Lastly, I've made a 20% off coupon for you guys that works on our website. The code is "VaporAsylum".

ID Tanner

Check out your silo pics ...rust, shaving spirals and other unidentifiable objects... GROSS
At the suggestion of a wise one I am here to mention that I got a refund for the above silos from ID that were replacements for 3 stainless ones with burrs that were scratching vapes and taken off market for redesign? Tanner ISSUED REFUND but OMG ID I hope the new products u mention are much improved. U say u know the OG silos have problems and yet u continue shipping them. Customer roulette. Thanks for trying but 0 for 5.
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