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Lunacy Just Wondering?


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I’ve seen these flawless beauty ads for getting all the peach fuzz and small hairs off a women’s face and neck. Wouldn’t the hair grow back like men’s whiskers? I’ve wanted to try one of these products but don’t want a beard.:myday:




Do you also wonder about a product that almost sounds too good to be true? You might want to give it a try but are cautious and feel reluctant. Do you have something to add?

Little Bear Schwarz looking at the camera in makeup
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If this product helps grow a beard, then I'm sure there are many teenaged boys that would be happy to use it. Heck, if it stimulates hair growth, those with thinning hair or those who are bald will want one as well. I think it's pretty safe to use as it's marketed.

The Delta Touch2O faucet registers voice commands through Alexa. It allows users to turn water on or off, measure water quantity, and even heat water. users can now continue working while the faucet effortlessly and accurately controls water via a Wi-Fi connection.Jan 5, 2018
I can see something like this for someone disabled but how lazy can we be? Also I can see this for a large restaurant or kitchen facility such as a prison or school. ATTACH=full]13060[/ATTACH]
Image result for voice activated delta faucets

I suppose folks felt the same way when remote tv channel changers started to be popular.

The school district in our area doesn’t allow Alexia in the classrooms because it eavesdrops on conversations. I don’t want an Alexia either. A friend wanted to give one to me and I didn’t want it. CK
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I think that Pepsi and other name brand products will move towards CBD additives, eventually THC. They may already have? THC beverages are really expensive here. Like $16 - $18 a 12 or 18 0z bottle. Haven’t been buying any infused foods lately - legal cannabis messed that up. The mom and pop mediables tasted great and didn’t cost a lot. I have a hard time with infused products. I haven been able to find a happy medium. Too expensive to experiment now. I do have the cannabutter maker. I was having some good experiences until an oz was more costly. I miss the Cannabis Farmers Markets.:weed:

PepsiCo to launch drink to aid sleep as consumers struggle with stress

Amelia Lucas

  • PepsiCo is launching a new drink called Driftwell that is meant to help consumers relax and unwind before bed.
  • The enhanced water drink contains 200 miligrams of L-theanine and 10% of the daily value of magnesium.
  • Driftwell will be available nationwide starting in December.
PepsiCo's latest drink, Driftwell

PepsiCo’s latest drink, Driftwell
Source: PepsiCo
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Curious too if they will be giving a discount on the first 500 flights? They decided it’s ready! Not sure if I would be willing until it’s proven itself - like no crashes for a few years.

The first Boeing 737 MAX airplane to roll off Boeing's assembly line in Renton, Wash. is shown parked

From another date: Boeing said on Friday that it had notified the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) about a software problem.
No, they won't. The pressure behind the scenes is pretty insane right now, if you are an Alaskan FF you are screwed too, they are kicking their Airbus Fleet to the curb(politics and optics).

This is what happens when a country no longer invests in education, engineering, and development. Airbus has a superior narrow-body fleet, without heavy corruption and government intervention Boeing could be gone yesterday...the Max was a new attempt at old ideas, copy and paste much?
They should have started from zero. Great Metal takes time to be developed, and even the greatest ones are dying of Covid-19 (747-the queen or the A380).

I can speak on this for days, this happens to be my main source of $...

Honestly, if you are that worried about it, your only option will be manually booking and watching all your itineraries. I have been using A220 and 320/321 Mostly....YMMV. If you seriously need help , feel free to PM me, I can look some data up from a few sources (IATA/ Expert Flyer)

I love seeing an DL A220, best FC in the US today. Here is my last ride....
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