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Lunacy last GREAT reads?

im not a robot

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with all this internet i have gotten a bit lazy re proper books, and i miss the magic of a really good novel in my life. i also lack the patience for mediocre reads, a good book better identify as such to me within the first 50+- pages, otherwise i will lose interest. the trouble with book threads is that taste is so subjective, and i do not know how to get around that, so i suggest raising the bar - to only list books that made a *truly* profound impact. and the last one that did that - for me - was remainder by tom mccarthy

wiki sums up the plot like this: "Remainder tells the story of an unnamed narrator traumatized by an accident which "involved something falling from the sky". Eight and a half million pounds richer due to a compensation settlement but hopelessly estranged from the world around him, Remainder's protagonist spends his time and money paying others to reconstruct and re-enact vaguely remembered scenes and situations from his past. These re-enactments are driven by a need to inhabit the world "authentically" rather than in the "second-hand" manner that his traumatic situation has bequeathed him. When the recreation of mundane events fails to quench this thirst for authenticity, he starts re-enacting more and more violent events."

plot summaries for books or movies never did a lot for me, but it helps? to get some idea? memory is at the core of this book for me, and formally it is really tight if somewhat sober, thoughtful, disturbing. a brilliant ending. the last book i read that urgently made me want to read more books. i am sure this is not an interesting book for everyone, but what to do. i am interested in all kinds of books, mostly fiction. i have a soft spot for sci-fi. but i am looking forward to any suggestions. as long as they come from the heart (^^this does). thanks!
I tend to read military history & biographies by & large. Most of my books are not what you would call great reads but are enjoyable to me at least.

Ome thing I always loved was going to a flea market & finding awesome books for only a few cents & I am not that old. E books are nice but there is something tactile about turning a books pages or falling asleep & it smashing your nose :dog:
E books are nice but there is something tactile about turning a books pages or falling asleep & it smashing your nose :dog:
yes agree 100%. a friend gifted me his old kindle many years ago. i was initially really enamoured with its ease of use. but my memory is so poor, and i feel like the novels (mostly scifi at the time) i read on it passed through me like spectres. i like seeing books on my shelf, picking them up, smelling them even after actually reading them. and i think my memory needs this for a book to really take root in me.

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