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Lunacy Lefties do it Right.

I was left handed up until about 10 years old then i switched.. so now im kinda ambidextrous...
Comes in handy at work for awkward painting and stuff..
@Kellya86 interesting you switched, naturally or coerced? My stepfather grew up lefty dominant and his mother were one of those old school Catholics who coincidentally happened to be a schoolteacher, back then they tied the devil's lefty hands behind their backs to learn to write righty. As a kid I learned to shoot firearms with my father as a righty, being born lefty Dominant proved to be challenging at first, Today shooting 'Ambi' seems natural.
when I lived in Australia, driving Stick (standard) lefty came naturally, in fact loved it, learning the Straya nomenclature, now that's a whole other thread! lmao.
I understand not many people think about this topic considering that Righty's are clearly dominant in almost every part of the world. Lefties Rock:headbang:
I was born pretty ambidextrous, kindergarten they (teachers) started forcing me to make a choice between one or the other because I kept doing my writing lessons with alternating hands.

I do a lot of shit with different hands now... write lefty, eat lefty, swing bats and clubs lefty, punch righty, throw righty, shoot righty... but I'm not capable of flip-flopping any of those now. It all feels super awkward trying it the other way

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