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Tips Modernist Pantry - a food science resource


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Recently discovered Modernist Pantry's fabulous vegan gummy recipe and vegan gelatin which make perfect vegan gummy candies. MP has an appealing business model - purchase bulk ingredients widely used in commercial food processing and them sell them to consumers in small quantities. @Tincandtoke mentioned purchasing various vegetable gums, for example. MP seems to be a tightly-run ship with excellent customer service.

Placing an order for tapioca maltodextrin (for a more full-assed attempt at quick-acting cannabis powder) but hate to spend more on shipping than on the product. Any other ideas for unique ingredients to buy for cannabis recipes?
My go to for binding oil and water
They have alternatives and if you use concentrates the cannabis flavor can be minimized or eliminated
None of my infused Malaysian dishes have any cannabis taste, and that tincture was made from flower

Recovering from a major health scare, as soon as I'm up to speed I plan on turning out some infused products including an attempt at infusing a sugar substitute

My modernist pantry lab
You can make infused gel pearls that are fruit flavored, put them in a drink and break them in the glass or your mouth to flavor the drink
So many off the wall experiments you can do

Edit: I have not tried any of them but you can buy different versions of a lot of modernist pantry products
Modernist products can differ from others, they have xanthan but also perfected xanthan, subtle difference but it makes binding cannabis oil and water a little easier and the perfected xanthan gives the syrup more fluidity
On the cannabis powder with the maltodextrin, careful around liquid outside of oil, I use it on popcorn or dry cereal mix
I use modernist maltodextrin (N-ZorbitM) and their hot sauce powder for my popcorn
Careful about dosing, one of my worst green outs-200+ mg on a 25-50 mg tolerance
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