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Accessories Old Pipes


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I was going through an old desk and found a box I stashed years ago. I found some old Meerschaum pipes. The first one has been handed down through my fathers side . I do remember my Grandfather smoking on this. At one time they were all the rage for smokers. This was dated circa 1920. Pretty well preserved for where it's been. When I was a kid I did sneak it out and fire a bowl up , it tasted like caca after years of pipe tobacco :lmao: . When I inherited it I took some TLC and restored it . No idea what it's worth now :wink: . Does anyone know about Meerschaum ? This is Turkish, and was carved in Amsterdam, I'm just interested on seeing a value for it, I'd never get rid of it.

I'm just interested on seeing a value for it
Obviously, it is priceless...to you.
Cool piece, thanks for sharing, old pipes are cool and a reason I like the look of the new Puffco Proxy :thumbsup:
The lion's head I bought back in 72. Back then I paid $12 for it . I's the only pipe I have left of a huge collection from my youth :biggrin: . This is a turkish Meerschaum and this style can still be found for sale . The age and condition of the pipe are good. I babied this pipe, I used only decent weed to smoke and I conditioned it and kept it clean . Meerschaum delivers a very cool smoke, I thought about firing up a bowl . But I can't handel combustion anymore, and I know it would taste like caca :wink: .
The next little skull's head pipe is fairly new about 20 years old. It was my go to hash pipe before I started vaping. I have great memories smoking on that little pipe :biggrin:.

Finally got up to the cottage to take these pics. This is a mix of some old pipes of my grandfather's and pipes I have collected. The 'best' of my pipe collection.

View attachment 39135

View attachment 39140

View attachment 39136

This one used to have a little cigar in the woman's mouth...

View attachment 39138

View attachment 39141

View attachment 39137

View attachment 39139
You could fit a gog in some of those and attach various vapes I'm sure
Nice collection

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