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Lunacy Positivity Thread

Basement Farmer

Well-Known Member

So enough gloom and doom.

How about the things that we've taken for granted we now dealize that we are grateful for? (& let's leave TP out of it)

Surely, given the times, there must be things in your life that are still well & that you appreciate more than ever....

Let's hear about them.
I've got a drawer full of herb, a cabinet full of booze, and a fridge full of beer. You could do a lot worse.

And everyone else who lives on the mountain I do has decided to ride out The Apocalypse elsewhere, so …. I AM LITERALLY ALONE AT THE TOP OF A MOUNTAIN. It's like a Twilight Zone. The original. You know, the good one.

And yes, I am no longer wearing clothes - it's 72 fucking degrees in late March on the East Coast.
Bring it on, apocalypse. You won't get me without hearing my Joker laugh first. :lmao:
I am glad i have a charged vape, plenty of bud & a ultra comfortable recliner. My job is reasonably secure so overall I can't complain compared to some.
Grateful for the love and loyalty of dogs. Grateful for the affection of my cats.
Very glad I have a washer and dryer and clothesline. Thankful for hot water, soap, shampoo, detergents. The ability to have clean clothes, towels, bed linens, means a lot.
Might as well count stove, refrigerator. Food matters. A house to Shelter in, a yard when I need to get outside. Mostly, mostly, I am profoundly grateful to have @Madri-Guy in my life.
Big love for cherry blossoms, plum, peach, pear and Apple blossoms. Loving squirrels at the bird feeders, as well as the birds. I can sit at the window and stare out at the nature. I'm loving fresh fruit and juice from the orange, grapefruit and lemon trees. M-G made me lemonade. Give me that Vitamin C. Yum!
So much to love, appreciate.
I am glad it is Friday. Very glad indeed since it is the weekend.

A few months ago i got several calls from my "insurance company" about a claim I made for a car park bingle when in a hire car. It was 50/50 but i was morally responsible so claimed under at fault on my insurance.

Several missed calls & two or three difficult conversations later I worked out they were asking if i was paying for the repairs myself months after it had all been sorted out. Then they were asking for my bank details as they had to "refund" my excess for making a claim. No dice.

I asked them to send me an email with the request & it all looked very fishy. I ignored the email & several more calls as i was certain it was a scam.

Today a cheque for $895 was received in the mail from my insurer. Thats a win in my book & a positive result :cheers: .
The city of Toronto Canada has secured empty rental properties and 5 hotels to house the homeless since the shelters are too cramped to practice social distancing. It warmed my heart to read that during this terrible time, those in unfortunate circumstances will have a roof over their heads. Bravo!
I'm so pleased it's April. 4/20 ! First thing this morning I saw a flash 50% off sale at DabCap, and I got a bunch of stuff I needed, but wanted more. I'm thankful No Buys end.
Started feeling positive the moment I logged off my laptop this afternoon :lol: . Also positive I am gonna get fucked up tonight. Yiewww!

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