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Grow Post your Cannabis Plant Pictures

Maya - Acapulco Gold mama
Lemon, lime and leather terps
She's a beast
Branches/ stems couldn't match her bud weight, so had to help her out and support with bamboo, string
..whatever it took.

Long time since I've posted
Hellooooo my vapor family.

I grew my outdoor plants indoors a bit longer to give them more time to mature during the short growing season here.
Just moved outside 3 days ago,

Grow sled in action...chasing the sun!
Just popped 4x different strains and will take clones soon for a total of 5x mumma plants...life is good!:razz:

Gorilla Glue, Cafe Racer, Damnesia, Apple Betty and the 4x large are my old Incredible Bulk.:thumbsup:
A week ago,

Today (much sunnier), I try to remember to spin each pot 1/4 turn clockwise each night when I bring them undercover.

I just swapped to 'Budding Nutrients' as the buds are starting to form/set.

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