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Meds Psychoactive Herbs (other than cannabis)


Cool Kitty
Staff member
@ClearBlueLou I have been reading this thread and everyone's comments, including yours with interest. I used to make Fire Cider in the fall and took a daily shot, straight up, faithfully every morning as an immune stimulant and preventative. I haven't made it now for a few years. The horseradish was home grown and the rest of the ingredients were purchased oganics. The recipe I used was Rosemary Gladstar's who I believe was the originator of the concoction. It was strong stuff and it put a spring in my step! I'd start it the beginning of Sept and would begin taking a daily dose around the end of November. I kept the chopped up ingredients chunky. I like your blending approach to increase the extraction.


Well-Known Member
I read an interview with Gladstar(?) and got the impression she merged several older, semi-traditional recipes, but however she came by it, I love the stuff. So much so, that after doing all that fresh reading, I was inspired to start a couple new jars of it - wasabi instead of horseradish - and discovered the local boondocks grocery actually had fresh turmeric root! So of course I had to drop some of that in...Aaand just finished the jars with green cardamom pods, fresh rosemary, stick cinnamon. Nice to be in the kitchen again for a minute.


Cool Kitty
Staff member
She may well have, I'm just quoting from memory. The first I learned of Fire Cider was when I took an herbal medicine course from her, maybe 15 years ago. Herbalism is an old and ancient tradition and there are no new remedies, really, they are only adaptations. The one caveat is to choose ingredients that support your intent and whose medicinal qualities readily extract in vinegar.


New Member
It is very surprising that sweet flag - Acorus calamus is prohibited in the US by FDA since swingin' 60-ies. This one is considered "weed of eloquence" in North India and Pakistan. I spoke to a seer there, he said to use roots and you make water tincture. The smell is very fresh, and it is like a suble mind-clearer, nothing toxic. I do not understand why it is still prohibited. It is often found in the south down the river banks. I saw it on Missouri.


Well-Known Member
I miss having salvia. I usually purchased the concentrate because you can smoke plain leaff all day and nothing will happen.

It's not just the immediate effect either, which was generally pretty profound to me, but also the come-down which was relaxing.

To anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to try it, it is very intense and very brief. I would describe it as similar to great sex....I know, weird, but true.

Too bad a few fools on YouTube had to ruin it for the rest of us.

On my bucket list is "do salvia again soon."
Those those who are fearful about its intensity but curious, I suggest nothing stronger than 5x concentrate.
The site that I've bought from that I recommend is arenaethnobotanicals.com.
I find 5x to be perfect because it's not overwhelming or scary, but you get the profound trip experience.
I've heard that you can vape it with a SSV at full blast, but in general it should be smoked from a bong with water, with a torch lighter.
Expect to immediately discorporate from your body upon exhale, so have the set and setting worked out beforehand, including and especially the music.
I find Indian raga music perfect, also Grateful Dead is very good.
Also expect to be compelled to lie down with eyes closed until it's over, the lights should be dimmed,
and the trip will last about 20 minutes.

It's not a fun or party thing to do.

I'm not aware of any dependency or side effect issues.

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