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Vape The HighLighter - Core


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Didn't know where to post this
Looks pretty good on Troy's video
An affordable and accessible vape to more ppl and powerful, by the looks anyway

I don't think any of the vapes we buy at all have anywhere near the parts value reflected in the price
It shits me how much most cost for what they really are
Even the lsv is just a ceramic solder iron heater in a different shell

If this works as good as it looks and has longevity for 75 it smashes the competition in price regardless
3 times cost is a lot less profit than most manufacturers make I almost guarantee it

I don't know if it will be as good as this video implies but it might be

People will pay more than 75$ for a glass tube if they are DHgate snobs and this all goes together and has been sourced for you

This is a working vape

Besides the wood turning side (and I've turned wood in my life), log vapes cost fa to make but cost hundreds

If this is a powerful and solid vape for this low price it is a brilliant vape to be able to suggest to ppl on a low budget

Most vapes arer not accessible to many people
This looks like it may have been able to convert me from combustion as the bong head I was
And for little$$

Good entry maybe for some ppl
Again need to see more reviews and the longevity
I did say "and this all goes together and has been sourced for you"...

Not much to put together though, three parts or so you'd probably pull it apart for cleaning at some point like any vape anyway

If it functions and performs as well or close to other big hitters with a glass air path, at $75 it's a good affordable option

When I mentioned log vapes I wasn't hating on them, I love my ws and was interested in the alpha you like
But it's the wood sourcing and turning we are paying for
The actual heating and functional side is not a lot really

This has little parts and no turning
If it functions so highly I don't know what else is out there at the price point

Function being the word
And longevity/globe replacement if needed etc

I know so many people who I try to convert but simply can't afford it especially to find one that almost mimics having a bong
This could help those people

- if it's as good as this video promises of course
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