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The Relationship Thread - That Thread About Relationships

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Fat Freddy

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So, my new lady friend does something disgusting. And apparantly it's a thing.

When she has to blow her nose and she's in the shower ... she just blows it out right down the drain.

That's fucking gross.

On the other hand, she listened to every song I chose for my screenplay that will never be made - and sang her own version of one track. I didn't know she could sing. And she continues to sit with my blind cat while she drinks her tea. He's in love with her.

This song, I had it planned for the climax of the movie. It's quite a sad story. I don't know where my sadness comes from. Other than my best friend killing herself when I was 17 and my inability to remember the next two years. There are hurts that don't go away. Ever.

So ... keeper?

Bear in mind ... she's crazy hot. Out of my league hot. But I guess "the way I talk to her" is different from the other guys. And I have my pimp ride.

"Hey, where did you two meet?"

When we were both involuntarily committed.

... Oh.


Just tell those who ask that where you two met was just the craziest place !


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This threads been entertaining. Following old and young love experiencing that crazy time when you thought everything they did was cute. Ten years down the road it will be annoying and grates on your nerves. Remember when they loved sex at least twice a day? Then it becomes every other day then once a week. Eventually you will be lucky enough to have that special day once a week and no more morning sex. Funny how time can change perceptions. That sweet laugh will be your delight then gives you a headache. bonghit Initially they thought using cannabis was awesome and suddenly they decide is against the house rules. You will be vaporizing outside in the winter when they aren’t watching. Not to burst anybody’s balloon.:angel2:

I wish the best and awesome of times with whoever you wind up with. It’s a lot of give and take and don’t sweat the small stuff.
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I think this thread has thread has run it's course based on the OP's last post in it. Thread closed.
Not open for further replies.

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