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Lunacy The Universe's Mysteries


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Who thinks ufo's are us?

A future us, that can do time or demensional travel.

If they aren't a future us, we could be El fuckoed. Their tech is obviously more advanced.

They may be gently trying to nudge us to a better future or studying their own history.


Enter the Dragon
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Who thinks ufo's are us?
I once had a very strange experience ripping bongs in a carpark at the beach. Saw some strange shit I have never been able to adequately explain 25 years later. Dunno what it was, don't care what it was TBH. All I know is it moved faster than anything man made that I know of. Not saying "aliens" exist or don't but considering how little we know of the universe it is not inconceivable there is other intelligent life out there. If there was I doubt they would bother with a planet whose dominant species can't get their shit together long enough to stop slaughtering each other...


Dogs like me
If there are ufo's as evidence suggests, what's next? How should we respond? Should we try to contact them? Avoid them?

I dont think we should try to harm them, despite our violent nature, we have to know when we're over matched. That countries keep them secret in an attempt to get their secrets first to gain dominance over other coutries shows we can't be trusted.

Since they have been observed for centuries and havnt overtly harmed us, my theory is they are us, a future us. Or they created us. We are their ant farm, lol.


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That countries keep them secret in an attempt to get their secrets first to gain dominance over other coutries shows we can't be trusted.
yes, and what do they want in exchange??
make a deal with the devil so to speak. Abduction Phenomena comes to mind, Hybridization programs highly probable. will we be replaced by hybrids in few hundred years?
why would said Country share classified national security Secrets, its never in their interests.
Its been well sourced the Germans acquired Vril tech "Haunebu" prior to WW2 and had already achieved the impossible. I highly doubt they wanted the allies to know they were capable of such feats, 1947 Operation HighJump is an example of that dominance.


Dogs like me
I just finished reading a book called " American Cosmic" by DW Pasulka, it's about where UFO's, religion, and technology collide.

It's well written and thought provoking. I didn't want it to end. If your interested in these subjects, I recommend reading this book.


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I recommend reading this book.
I think I read a book at school once, that almost sounds interesting enough for me to give it another go...almost.:thumbsup:
Edit, I have been trying to find Ancient Aliens to watch as I have heard that covers some similar interesting subjects.


they say im crazy but i have a good time
Is this Real? decide for yourselves

...i'm gonna assume not based off it's thirdphaseofmoon... never seen anything compelling from them... :twocents:

I'm Ron Burgundy?

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Ancient human history is so fascinating. We know very little... what’s hiding beneath all that sand in Egypt and the Sahara... and ice in Antarctica?

Here’s another channel I subscribe to. This guy hasn’t uploaded in a while. Here is the new one from today.
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I think Bright Insight has some of the best content on the topic (generally)...I bailed on 3 Phase Moon because they seem not to think about anything, and I’ve dumped Zohar/Gaia and all its repeaters and relatives: they are totally in the tank on the Annunaki, and I can’t go there. I don’t feel in anyway persuaded by a literal interpretation of a questionable translation from a dead civilization with absolutely no corroborating evidence. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s Hebrew tablets or Sumerian tablets.

in the linked video, Jimmy doesn’t actually get into detail about what’s under the Sahara sands, like mysteries and shit, but he makes big points about the river systems and lakes, and their dating: it absolutely puts in play the possibility that there are archaeological treasures under the sands. Fun job: sand is awful stuff to have to move large quantities “away”....underwater exploration is helped by suction, which drags the sand away, but then lets it fall; a similar trick might work on dry land, but how far away is ‘away’? And were you planning to excavate over *there* at some point, too?



Understatement lol. The first time I actually fell backwards from the shock of what I was seeing. :lol: And that time it wasn't in the sky. It was underneath the water in an area that there was no type of water craft.

The second time it was in the sky, however. And they mimicked the flight pattern that is often described as somewhat erratic. And then just 'winked' out and disappeared. Both occasions were a surprise. But the first one was a true wtf moment.

I do believe the human mind has the power to move things. But I don't believe that was ever the case with the home I lived in that was haunted. It wasn't just things moving. Doors that were unlocked would be locked, furniture would be in different places when we got home and there were appearances. And I, fortunately, wasn't the only one to see it.

Interesting reading! That doesn't explain the people that say they 'fly' when leaving their body though (although this seems to happen mostly in dream state). These accounts seem to point more to staying in a sort of hover position over your body.
Love your post by the way!


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The US Navy can't identify these "Unidentified flying phenomenon. "
Go Fast: Official USG Footage of UAP for Public Release

I'm Ron Burgundy?

Human Being
The crazy thing is nobody seems to understand the significance of this. Or maybe the public doesn't care??
They are admitting these are UFOs...I know it doesn't necessarily mean they are extra-terrestrial but then where the hell are they from?? Russia, China?? I doubt any country has this kind of technology.
This is not some conspiracy theorist making claims..these are navy pilots on official record with video showing these "UAP"
But yet people just go about their business and don't seem to understand the implications.

It's exciting and somewhat troubling at the same time.
We are not alone, we never have been. It's time for every leader/government in all countries to declare this.

Also maybe they are inter-dimensional craft or beings instead of being from somewhere in our universe.

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