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Jill NYC

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This new up-and-comer looks really promising.
It is both session and on-demand.


A few are out in the wilderness and early reports seem very promising.
It uses a stem for oven (a la Solo/Milaana/etc)
The maker is out of Finland - I believe the same guy who created the Apollo.
Also - I believe someone will be carrying it in US to streamline shipping issues.

My VAS is acting up.

Edit: People are already able to buy, so it should be moved to released vapes. Sorry @momofthegoons for extra work for you!
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This new up-and-comer looks really promising.
It is both session and on-demand.

Thanks for this @Jill NYC!

Here's more info;


Packaged simply in a hemp pouch which you can use daily as a protection for the Tinymight while carrying it in a pocket.
Package includes:
  • Tinymight dry herb vaporizer
  • one 55 mm short glass tube
  • cooling unit
  • 1 battery Sony VTC6
  • instructions manual
For accessories, click here: ACCESSORIES - Tinymight

  • 70W stainless steel convection heater
  • Adjustable herb chamber
  • Extremely quick heat up from 2 seconds
  • Wide precision controlled temperature range
  • internal USB charging
  • Replaceable battery
  • High quality mateterials: Stainless steel, aluminum, quartz glass, wood
  • Vapor cooling unit
  • Dual modes: On demand, and session mode
  • Silent mode
  • Packaging fully reusable made of eco-friendly materials.

  • FAQ:

1. Is the vapor path clean?

Tinymight is very clean. The vapor is in contact only with either stainless steel or quartz glass. The heating element is specialized with the largest surface area of any vaporizer heaters. Thanks to this, the surface temperature doesn't need to be as high which translates to a purer taste. There are no glues, no chemicals and no insulation materials used in the assembly, just pure materials, oak wood, stainless steel, glass, aluminum. The only synthetic part is the electronics board, which is away from the airpath.

Tinymight uses Stainless steel convection heater.

Tinymight has an adjustable temperature dial on the bottom panel. It has 10 steps with half steps in between, so a total of about 20 different temperature settings are available between the range of 120 - 240 degrees Celsius. It is fully temperature controlled with extremely accurate electronics controlling the heater in real time.
So one gal who will be carrying them in the USA, see KGWoodcrafts website, and she thought that the maker of this unit is a different guy (with a different website) than the Apollo guy.

Stickestones says its the same guy.

WTF knows. haha

It is a stem load vape vs a chamber load vape. Not my fav but it does seem to accept Mistvape capsules so that makes taking it out of the house and loading it much easier.

I think I will wait just a bit to see some real community reviews of this but it is interesting.
They don’t have them yet - i think she said a couple of weeks.
But they are available on the Tinymight site.
I have emailed both KG and Tinymight.

I'll report back if/when I hear anything.

Edit: Wow. Shipping directly from Tinymight is only $9.00 U.S. That sounds reasonable to me.

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I can see the resemblance to the Apollo in terms of materials, for sure. However, in reading the text at the Tinymight site it was evident that the author's knowledge of the English language is somewhat limited in terms of syntax and verb tense. In short, reminded me of Asian manufacturers who attempt translation of their language into English. I don't recall that with the Apollo fellow? I've emailed them as well so will report back if I learn anything new.

EDIT -- It does say on their website and the unit itself that it's made in Finland.

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They have longer tubes. I ordered a two pack. $15.99
They also offer extra cooling units.

Response from Tinymight;

Hi, thank you! There will be yes, you can buy it trough the website
while stocks last. Shipping is flat rate to all destinations at $9.

Response from KG;

Hi there!

We will be carrying the TinyMight, but right now I just have it listed as "Coming Soon" as he is getting the volume together to send out. He is a one man show, so it may take a bit of time. We definitely appreciate your interest and hope that you will be patient with us as we get everything stocked.


GO TEAM!!! :dogpile:

Im thinking I'd like a longer stem. That shorty looks dangerous

LOL... Yes, they have, and offer longer stems.

@BD9 thanks for being the asylum guinea pig on this.... can't wait to hear what you think.

Any excuse to buy a new vape, right?
You're very welcome!

Tinymight Vaporizer
- Additional glass tubes: 2 x long tube
Flat Shipping Rate:$9.00
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@peterpants - I haven’t purch one yet. I think I am going to sit out this round.
I have bought several vapes during first round - and often they need to get sent back to work out the kinks. (Something I accept prior to buying and with which I have no problem). Since this one is currently only avail from overseas for me, and my wallet a little thin, I am going to just admire from afar for now.
Looking forward to hearing from some of the early adopters such as @BD9.
An update from KG;

Hey! As of right now, they are being made by hand, one at a time. As for future large scale production, I believe they will be keeping it in Finland.

Since there are so few devices out in the wild, finding a review on them is going to be very difficult. That being said, I believe the only usage video that has been made for it was done be me 2 days ago. Here's the YouTube link!

Regarding your unit, I would just hang tight. There was a major influx of orders, and now TinyMight Vapes is scrambling to fullfill orders. All orders will be sorted and processed in the order they were received, so hang tight :)

Hopefully that helps!


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