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Meds Unknown Logo - can you identify?


Well-Known Member
Hello does anyone know what company this is from? Sorry for the dirty cart, it exploded on me in the heat. It has a unique logo but I can't seem to find it anywhere else.
So far, this is the only cart I've ever seen where you actually get the full flower effect from an oil cartridge, tastes very healthy. They must be doing something right. Hopefully they are still around?

NOTE: I picked this up at Chalice Cup 2018, if that helps ring a bell.
For a second i got excited and thought someone made a lego thread...
Well...assuming this thread dies off like it will probably will, I suppose we can turn it into a lego thread :)
Well thats something to look forward to.. i spend alot of time with lego...
As for your logo, no idea.... the lower logo is an anvil right..??

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