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Safety Vaporizer Safety Approval

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Welcome vaporizer manufacturers,

Since many of our members are patients with disabilities that demand that they are careful of what they inhale, we have decided to offer an Asylum ‘seal of approval’ for any vaporizer that passes our safety tests. This forum is for the discussion of those vaporizers and the safety of the materials. It is NOT an invitation to bash the vaporizer or the manufacturer.

It is NOT mandatory that a manufacturer submit a vaporizer for approval. It is an opportunity to show that their vape is safe for all users and to receive the Asylum rating.

Vaporizers can be submitted for this testing, or detailed material lists and pictures and/or video can be provided for review.

Members may join in the discussion if they have pertinent information to add. They are not to harass or demean any manufacturer or their product on this forum.

While we encourage communication from all manufacturers, negative correspondence from one vendor regarding another vendor's product is a conflict of interest and if sustained, will be considered company bashing.

Guidelines for submittal:

ALL materials used in the device must be listed. Pictures or video of a teardown of the unit are required, clearly listing and identifying all components.
The air and vapor path of the vaporizer must be described in detail, with the location of the air intake clearly identified and all components and materials described.
If vendors have supplied inaccurate information about their products, we will allow the opportunity for correction and benefit of the doubt. However, if it is found that inaccurate information was given intentionally, please be warned that you will be asked to account for this.

Once a vaporizer has passed our test, it will receive a ***VAS APPROVED*** after it's name in the thread title indicating that it has been inspected and is deemed acceptable by VaporAsylum standards. There will also be a :star: notice in the OP of the thread stating it has met the safety standards of VaporAsylum and the thread will be stickied so that it is one of the vapes first featured in the vape specific forum.

DECLARATION OF INTERESTS: Vapor Asylum staff and safety section curator (Herbivore21) will always disclose if they have received anything for free from the vendor in question in their first post to the relevant vape safety thread.

DISCLAIMER: While VaporAsylum strives to make the information on this website as accurate as possible, we make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this site, and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents. Any such approval should not be conflated with claims as to the compliance with local regulations or other relevant laws - which we do not provide here as we are not a legal or safety advisory service.
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