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Grow Winter 2020 - 3 x 3-Gal DWC 32 sq 130W LED


North of Normal
Getting this winter's run ready to go. Slackin' a lil bit this winter but only planing on one round vs two partially overlapping flowering runs last year.

I had said that I'd try to just run a single plant in this 32" sq. tent and fill it out but bearing that schedule in mind I'm gonna start three regular (unfeminized) seeds and keep whatever is female. I still have plenty kicking around from the last runs. I've got new extra long air tubing to make rotating plants easier, will be doing a more symmetrical training, and I'm gonna try switching to a one part soluble tomato fertilizer (4-18-38) + CalMag. Changes in our heating have left the basement too cold and I'd rather not heat down there just for this so the tent has moved up to a room that stays right around 66F, haven't checked tent temps with lighting yet but should be pretty near perfect.

  • (3) 3 Gal. buckets, deep water culture (I have three more buckets prepped with the notch for the air hose for simple change outs)
  • 32" (80 cm) square tent
  • HLG135 135W LED panel
  • Water: Tap (utility), ~120ppm
  • Tropicanna Cookies F2 (Oni)
  • Mendo Cookies (Twenty20)
  • Underdog OG x Tri-Stardawg Fusion (Seacost Stashbox)
Seeds goin' into rapid rooters today. Switching to those & clay pebbles instead of messing about with the perlite, just had a bag handy last run.
so the tent has moved up to a room that stays right around 66F

Much work involved to arrange air in/out and odour control in the new room?
I would have just swapped to a 315w CMH light for the heating needs but I have a 10kw solar plant to offset power costs.
Nah, it was a pretty simple move. A lot easier than I expected, really. It can just sit in the corner. Maine: The way life should be ;)
Tropicannna Cookies takes an early lead.


The UD x TSDF is seed heading, will give that another day or two before I try to pick it off. No obvious signs of life from the Mendo Cookies
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Eep. The... I'm just gonna call it 'Dogpile' instead of 'Underdog [:biggrin:] OG x Tri-Stardawg Fusion' did something new to me. Looks like the weight of the seed pulled it over, pulling the taproot up out of the starter. Looked pretty sad when I found it this morning. Springing into action, I picked the seed coat off carefully (looks and feels like the inner membrane is still on there but I didn't want to molest it too much yet) and poked the taproot back into the hole in the rapid rooter with a needle file. This afternoon it seems to be perking up again. I've also gone in there a couple times today and carefully dripped a single drop of water onto it to hopefully soften that up enough for it to finish opening. Don't usually worry too much about humidity for starting seeds, this may have been a situation that would have avoided.

Yesterday, after my update, I decided to get another Mendo Cookies started just in case. Today I can see the first MC definitely has germinated. So it goes. It may still end up replacing the Dogpile if that doesn't make it.
Well it did it again!

Got the rest of the seed coat off and poked it back with the needle file again:

Hopefully it can pull through that damage to the cotyledon.

Meanwhile, I can see the Mendo Cookies playing peek-a-boo

And the Trop. Cookies had a good two inches of taproot showing so it is going in the net pot in the DWC (with plain phed water)


So it's hanging in there, but the second Mendo Cookies I started isn't too far behind so putting the final cut off for another day or two.
Two weeks from seed for most of these but the one I started late has pretty much caught up to the other Mendo Cookies and the Dogpile is not looking great so I put the two MC into the DWC on Saturday. I popped some clay pellets in a small hempie bucket style tub to give the Dogpile one last chance but I think the tap root is strangling itself.

Leaf curl on the Dogpile kinda looks like over watering but I really don't know how that would even be possible in that clay pellet hempie bucket. Will see if neglect tech. works it out and if not oh well.

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Five weeks from seed.

This tropicannna cookies is going gorgeous, really hope she's a girl. Probably a magnesium deficiency showing, possibly just from pH swing, haven't been topping up the water yet cause they haven't really needed it yet. Starting the week with 2 Gal/bucket instead of 2.5 and will top with pHed water and fed the CalMag at full strength.


Others are a bit behind still, slightly ugly attempt at FIM here lol
Uh, dick. I think I put these into flowering on Thursday or Friday. Been a wild couple weeks. Largest plant is getting to where it might fill out the tent pretty well on it's own but the smaller ones are still quite a bit behind so time to cull and possibly re-veg.

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