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Vape X-MAX ProV3


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The new X-max ProV3 is now available and it has a lot going for it,
Aussie seller,


Main Features,
-Aluminium body
-Convection heat technology
-On-demand mode (30s hit duration)...easier to use session mode
-Session mode(3 or 6 minutes)
-Isolated airpath
-0.15gr bowl size (sprinkle fill for best results)
-Wax cup with quartz fritted pad
-Replacable 18650 battery with a magnetic door
-Fast heat-up, 15s to 180°C (needs a long 10+ second draw to see vapor on first draw, 5 seconds or so after that)
-Ceramic and stainless steel vaporpath
-Removeable&cleanable vaporpath
-Comfortable mouthpiece&built-in stir tool (I do not stir)
-Large OLED screen (set temp, actual temp, timer and battery gauge)
-Fully adjustable T° from 100°C to 220°C (easy to swap from C to F)
-USB-C charging port and cable
-Size: 26.6x23.8x150.2mm



The ceramic vapor path insert has a maze for the vapor to travel through giving you a cool tasty experience,


The stainless steel bowl is the same diameter as the Fury2 but a little less deep so the WPA from it fits great,


It works just fine but like on the F2, it is a bit restrictive with the glass filter in the WPA. I have got some diamond drill bits so I might bore it out to take a basket mesh screen instead.
This ABV was made over the 6 min sesh, 2x10 to 15 second puffs at 220c on each F2 bowl on a rattlecan bong (no stirring as I do not do that unless I feel I have to, I did not need to here) I lost count of how many bowls in the 6 min timed sesh...at least 6 or 8?
Pretty even ABV for no stirring,


I used up a full charge of a LG HG2 at 220c before first use while I charged the battery that came with the unit and I also trimmed a fine mesh screen for the bottom of my oven before first use just to keep things cleaner.
I managed 11x6 minute sessions at temps from 175C to max 220C so the battery will last most people a day but that is no problem if you do more due to the quick swap magnet catch battery. I would recommend leaving the battery in the unit and to charge it that way as the tight battery spring may wear the 18650 wrap off the battery fairly quickly if you are not careful when replacing/remounting it.
For around US$100 a lot of other manufacturers items semm way overpriced...I highly recommend to all to add this unit to your collection...convection on a budget just got real!
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im not a robot

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cheers @LesPlenty this looks interesting to me. i just sold my tinymight because i needed the cash & it didnt see much use this past year, but i am short 1 out of the house vape now (though maybe i just need an induction heater)
i have not compared specs too closely, but have you tried the v leaf go as well? seems a direct competitor in this price range, though less temp freedom & no removable battery. have you had the chance to try any dosing capsules for a fit? is it possible to turn off the screen / stealth? thoughts on how large a minimum load needs to be ( i gather the v leaf go is supposed to be good for microdosing & functions well with .02) ? any complaints at all? thanks..
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I could never get a hold of a Vleaf go here in Oz without paying twice the price of the unit for shipping so I was always just looking. That said the Go is supposed to be very hot on the lips, the ProV3 ceramic maze cooler addresses this problem very well. Any capsules that fit the F2(and variants) should fit as the oven is just about identical(theF2 wpa fits perfectly) but I cannot confirm this. Smaller loads sprinkle filled seem way better than any sort of tamping with this vape...0.175g seems about perfect for me personally.
This unit is mostly convection so you have to at least cover the whole oven floor as the hot air you draw through the device is what vaporizes the herb...not enough herb and the hot air will pass by instead of through the material in the oven and not get heated properly...a F2 liquid pad used in a similar fashion in the Plenty may reduce the oven size and make it still perform...not as well in my opinion (piggy) but still works.
Using the F2 WPA also acts as an oven size reducer but would suffer a little in hot vapor unless mated to a j-hook/bong.

OK, I just tried to load 0.02 but a tiny second pinch tipped the scales at 0.03, I did not think it would work very well but put the unit into 'On Demand' mode at 200c, pressed the button and waited the same amount of time as 'Session' mode for it to heat up and took a long slow 10 second draw to be greeted with a fairly big cloud, quite a bit more than expected followed by another 5 second draw for nearly as big a cloud then one more 5 second go to make sure I was done. I think the herb pulled up against the mouthpiece filter and that was why I got a nice even roast,

Scales say 0.014 ABV but I just found a bit stuck to the mouthpiece filter that did not get weighed so more like 0.018 abv left from 0.030. I could have bumped up the temp for another hit but why when you look at the large BCG in the pic:smoke:
I have been running the V3 as my daily driver since I got it (sorry Ed) and still have not had to disassemble and clean it...just the S&B brush after each use...pretty impressed, this is what the jank S&B skinney pretended it was going to be but better...ceramic instead of plastic cooling unit and a stainless steel oven...I am now looking for discount codes as I need a spare or 2 for friends.:thumbsup:


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and it looks throw in a backpack sturdy, reminds me of the mighty i no longer have.
It is sturdy, more so than a Mighty as the ProV3 has an aluminium body compared to the plastic on the Mighty...the stainless steel oven in the X-max is also miles ahead of the Mighty aluminium bowl.:twocents:

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