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Vape XMAX QOMO Micro E-rig


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Just saw this from Puffitup. I like the look and I like the price $89. I have a Sai topflow so I'm wondering how it performs as compared to the Sai. Anyone try one ?



$89.00Sale price


Regular price$89.00

The X-MAX QOMO is a quick heating, easy to use, Micro E-rig for a super portable way to vaporizer your concentrates on the go.
The X-MAX QOMO has three temperature settings to choose from and attractive LED lighting to let you know which one you've chosen. All of the parts are removable for easy cleaning and storage. The whole ceramic cup coil makes for dense, tasty clouds that are impressive for the QOMO's small travel-friendly size, and the glass bubbler makes vapor smooth and cool. The 1350mAh battery powering the device makes it efficient and ready to use in as little as ten seconds with a super fast pre-heat cycle.

Key Features:
  • Beginner Friendly, Single Button Operation
  • Removable Easy to Clean Parts
  • Glass Bubbler for Cool, Tasty Clouds
  • Whole Ceramic Cup Coil for Great Vapor Production
  • Built-In Tool for Easy Cleaning
  • Ready-to-Use After 10 Second Preheat
  • 1-2 Hour Charging Time
  • 3 Temperature Settings (Low, Medium, High)
  • Colorful LED Lights Display Temperature
  • USB-C Charging
  • Pocket Friendly Portability
Simple to Operate:
Simply load your concentrate onto the ceramic cup coil, select a temperature by clicking twice to scroll through each option, preheat for ten seconds and enjoy huge, tasty clouds.

Included Items:
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
A friend let me borrow his for a few days, that was all i really needed and it was actually too long....
Only ceramic atomizers available.

Small loads and small hits with a pretty much useless water tool!
Takes less than a teaspoon of water... Seriously??

Only the 1st temp is really functional as any hotter just burns everything.
The carb cap has the carb hole in the center of the cap with a built in Dabber. The Dabber seems to collect a lot of the extract while you inhale very slightly...

I bought the Divine Tribe V4 setup with Sic crucible and am very happy!

For me, the Qomo was a joke.
I have received a couple of quartz atties from the TopGreen marketing team to test and must say this is what the original should have had.
The taste is well improved over the ceramic but my ceramic was pretty stained up. The best thing is how the quartz seems to take a little longer to heat so the low setting does actually seem low...still on the hot side for my liking but I have not charred anything...yet, the first day of trials and I have stayed on the low (white) setting so far.
It is nice that a couple of q-tips get it sparkling like new for the next dab...too easy!
I will add that the metal heater ribbon instead of wire embedded in the bottom of the quartz bucket looks like it will last very well even though it glows red, even on low.

I will say it was great timing as my Puffco Peak Pro just died so a smaller doser like this will save me some rosin.
I will put up some more pics once I have worked it some more...too early in the day for high temp rosin dabs.:myday:
The new Qomo Quartz Kit will be released by the 10 of May!


Nice new green colour to boot!
I have been hitting mine with an 18mm malt bong mouthpiece for fun, a great feature being able to use any standard 18mm male fitting,
Got sent the new green Qomo with the quartz atty and it is sparkly like the blue,
E-rigs can be expensive, but the XMAX QOMO takes a swing at providing a budget option for concentrate users that is much more portable than most other devices in its class.

XMAX QOMO Highlights
Portable design
Integrated water pipe
USB-C charging

What is the XMAX QOMO?
The XMAX QOMO is a portable e-rig from the team over at TopGreen, who are well known for their very popular budget dry herb vaporizer, the XMAX V3 Pro. At a size small enough to hide most of it in your hand, the QOMO is about as close to discrete as you can get an e-rig enabling it to actually make a little sense for use while out and about.


How to Use the XMAX QOMO?
Fill the bubbler with clean water up to the red line on the side of the glass near the bottom.
Press the button (there’s only one) three times rapidly to turn on the QOMO.
Press the button twice to rotate between the three temperature settings to select your desired intensity.
Press the button once while turned on to initiate heating. While heating, the light will cycle in intensity. When heating is complete, it will remain a solid color. Heating is quite fast, taking only around 20 seconds to complete.
If you haven’t already, remove the cap, place a small amount of concentrate into the ceramic bowl (atomizer), and put the cap back into position. It will work fine whether you prefer hot or cold starts, so you can put it in before heating or after; it’s entirely up to you. Inhale slowly and enjoy. Once you finish your session, pressing the button three times will turn off the QOMO.
The three heating modes are represented by different colored lighting. A white light (536°F/280°C), green light (608°F/320°C), and a red light (662°F/350°C) represent the available options. If you’re unsure where to start, the best thing is to start with the white light and increase it from there.

How much does the XMAX QOMO Cost?
One of the best things about the QOMO is the price. It can be found for around $89 USD, which is a respectable price for an e-rig (even a tiny one like this). If you can find any discounts, it becomes even more interesting. While you shouldn’t expect a premium experience at this price, it provides more than enough value to warrant the price point making it a pretty nice little buy.

Is the XMAX QOMO Well Built?
The build quality of the QOMO is quite reasonable. Everything slots together quite nicely, nothing is too loose, and the production of each part meets the expected standards. The glass parts aren’t high-end, but this device isn’t shooting for premium either. The silicone that supports the bubbler and other components fit things snugly while still making it reasonably easy to remove them for cleaning or if you wish to replace the bowl.

The button doesn’t rattle though it’s not the crispest click either, it’s fit for purpose. The plastic casing surrounding the bottom half of the device is essentially the same; it’s okay, but nothing to write home about. Thankfully, it doesn’t have much of a shine to it, so it should hold up quite well to a bit of scuffing without looking too bad, which is nice for these cheaper devices that people are more prone to be lax about how they are handled.

A mild gripe is that the cap is held in place with a fairly basic o-ring which may or may not hold up well over time. However, even if it doesn’t, the device should still be usable, provided you don’t drop the cap somewhere, and a spare is provided, so it’s not a huge issue. Either way, something a little more substantial would have been appreciated.

Overall, the design and build quality of the QOMO is ok. It’s been designed fairly practically and achieves functionality without too many bells and whistles that would undoubtedly have driven up the price.

What Comes in the Box?
XMAX Qomo Vaporizer
USB-C Charging Cable
Replacement o-ring
Silicone mouthpiece cover
User Manual

Get access to XMAX's official website www.topgreen-tech.com to know more info about XMAX products!
This actually looks pretty good.. maybe a good place to start for my first portable dabs...
Limited temp settings may be a bitch..
Amazingly priced though..
Anyone know anymore about this ?
@XMAXVAPORIZER do you ship to uk???
This actually looks pretty good.. maybe a good place to start for my first portable dabs...
Limited temp settings may be a bitch..
Amazingly priced though..
Anyone know anymore about this ?
@XMAXVAPORIZER do you ship to uk???
Yes my fam we do ship to the UK, and there are some UK online stores that sell our QOMO you may have a check, such as dopevapes.co.uk
Limited temp settings may be a bitch..

Anyone know anymore about this ?
I use mine exclusively on the low setting as I use mine with rosin. This is with the quartz atty as the ceramic was always too hot for me, even on low. I would say it is a great first unit for a proper quartz dab experience without any fuss to see if dabs are something you want to get into. Even if you go down the full on concentrate rabbit hole the Qomo is still a good little portable for sneaky puffs on the go with the OG glass with the silicon anti-splash tip.

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