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Exciting News Alert!

Dabbing enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the game-changer – the XMAX TUNKE electric dab rig. It's not just a dab rig; it's a revolution in dabbing. Discover the unique feature that sets the XMAX TUNKE apart - its stretchable water tank - and how it's rewriting the rules of the dabbing world.

Stretchable Water Tank: Dabbing Made Effortless

The XMAX TUNKE redefines convenience with its expandable PCTG water tank. Designed for portability, this tank collapses for easy storage and expands for more water capacity. Worried about inhaling water accidentally? Fear not! Our smart design prevents mishaps, and cleaning is a breeze with detachable and washable components.

Precision Temperature Control for Flavorful Dabs

The XMAX TUNKE's beating heart is its quartz powder core, delivering precise temperature control and lightning-fast heating. Burnt wax residue is history – enjoy clean, flavorful dabs every time.

Extendable Glass Mouthpiece for Ultimate Enjoyment

Experience pure pleasure with the XMAX TUNKE's extendable glass mouthpiece. Its ergonomic design guarantees a smooth and comfortable dabbing experience. Preserve your wax's flavor profile for a tantalizing taste adventure.

️ 5 Heat Settings for Your Ideal Dab ️

Tailor your dabbing sessions with five temperature settings. From low-temperature flavor exploration to high-temperature power hits, the XMAX TUNKE adapts to your preferences.

️ Food-Grade Silicone Heat Shield for Safety ️

Safety is paramount. The XMAX TUNKE features a food-grade silicone heat shield, ensuring your safety during use and acting as an insulator for prolonged temperature maintenance.

Waterproof and Robust Construction

Built to withstand the elements, the XMAX TUNKE's robust design with a food-grade silicone seal provides top-notch waterproof protection. No more worries about spills or moisture exposure – this rig is your durable companion.

Automatic and On-Demand Modes with Rapid Heat-Up

Experience the ultimate convenience with automatic and on-demand heating modes. The XMAX TUNKE heats up in just 15 seconds, ensuring quick and effortless dabbing. Choose your preferred mode and enjoy hassle-free dabbing pleasure.

Zinc Alloy Rotating Top Cover for Elegance and Functionality

Elegance meets functionality with the XMAX TUNKE's zinc alloy rotating top cover. It allows easy access to core components, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Powered by a reliable 750mAh battery, the XMAX TUNKE ensures extended dabbing sessions without frequent recharging. Unleash your creativity and indulge in uninterrupted wax enjoyment.

Vibration Feedback for Immersive Dabbing

The XMAX TUNKE's built-in vibration feedback system enhances your experience. Receive haptic cues for power-on, temperature adjustments, and heating completion, making your dabbing intuitive and immersive.

Experience the Future of Dabbing

The XMAX TUNKE is poised to redefine your dabbing experience. Advanced technology, user-friendly design, and a commitment to quality converge in this electric dab rig. Stay tuned for updates and prepare to elevate your dabbing to new heights with the XMAX TUNKE!

--TopGreen Technology

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VGoodiez 420EDC