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2009 Christmas DBV *RARE FIND* with DBV Oil Rig


This item is a piece of history and has only been used once.
In 2009 the owner of Elev8 Glass (formerly 7th Floor LLC) created a limited run of Red DBVs for that Christmas.
About 100 units remained in the hands of avid collectors.
At Christmas time in 2012 I was speaking to Steve... Master Glassblower, and owner of 7th Floor LLC... and I am proud to say, a friend.
I made a comment saying, "Gosh I wish I had been around for the Red DBVs".
He told me "I have a personal one that I do not use in my closet....
I'd like to give it to you for all your videos and support
A tear later I decide to take my prize for a test drive... using the DBV Oil Rig
Everything here is new... except for the Oil Rig which was used once.
I cleaned it up after using it.
The whole shebang

Oil Rig

Photo on 6-9-24 at 6.53 PM.jpg

Photo on 6-9-24 at 6.56 PM.jpg

The Set



By the way... since this was part the Head Honcho's personal display... it has a 10 ft cord!





This special unique DBV was used for 1 session in February of 2013 in order to make this video

Nuff Sed!
I accept Paypal
I pay insurance.
I pay shippng.
Cost for this one is $200
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