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Lunacy Favorite commercials from your childhood?


Well-Known Member
No commercials thread would be complete without Mikey.

Don't you wish we'd paid more attention to this one? He won't be the only one crying for long.

And how about some brilliant, but not necessarily funny, commercials?

Could do this all day...


Well-Known Member
Well, "Mabel, Black Label" is a classic

But the old Chunkies commercials with Shortie always tickle me for some reason.



Enter the Dragon
Staff member
I drank a lot of VB from age 15 & it had nothing to do with the advertisements from my childhood. Just like smoking Winfields or B&H for 20 years had nothing to do with the Winfield Cup & B&H World Series :lol:



Well-Known Member

@Madri-Gal didn't let me watch TV when I was a child, so I had to sneak over to friend's houses to watch this sort of commercial.

Strangely though, she encouraged me to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show...
I wanted you to know that if you wanted to grow up and wear women's clothing and dance around half naked, it would be fine with me. I was trying to be accepting, just in case.


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