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Accessories Study Finds 90% of Rolling Papers Contain Heavy Metals


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One more reason to vape..... :cool:

Study Finds 90% of Rolling Papers Contain Heavy Metals

An analysis by California’s SC Laboratories Inc. of 101 rolling papers found at least one heavy metal in 90 percent of the papers tested with 8 percent containing at least one heavy metal in “concentrations above the allowable limits” in the state for inhalable cannabis products.

Lead was the most commonly detected heavy metal in the products “by a considerable margin,” the report says.

Pesticides were detected in 16 percent of the samples with 5 percent containing levels over the allowable limits. In all, 11 percent of the 118 total rolling papers included in the study “would fail above the action limits for inhalable products” in the state.

The study included 70 rolling papers, 25 pre-rolled cones, 20 wraps, and three cellulose-based papers. Of the rolling papers and cones, just one each exceeded California action limits for heavy metals, while eight of the wraps – 40 percent of those tested – exceeded state limits. All three of the cellulose papers tested exceeded action limits.

For pesticides, none of the rolling papers or cellulose-based papers tested exceeded action limits, and just one of the 20 cones tested exceeded the limits. However, four of the 19 wraps tested 0 21 percent – exceeded state limits.

“Pesticide contamination was less prevalent in general. Just 5 of the samples tested over California action limits for a pesticide, and 18 samples had detectable levels of pesticides. However, at least 4 of the 5 samples that tested over action limits had pesticide concentrations that were significantly over the action limit.” – “Rolling Papers Tested for Heavy Metals and Pesticides”
The researchers conclude that “it is not surprising to find a prevalence of heavy metals detected in the rolling paper products and should not be considered alarming on its own;” the study, however, demonstrated “there is a wide range of concentrations of metals contamination in these products from a relatively low level to grossly contaminated.”

“While 11 percent of the rolling papers in this study would fail above the action limits for inhalable products in California, it should be noted that the paper constitutes only a fraction of the overall mass of a cannabis pre-roll product,” SC Laboratories President and Co-founder Josh Wurzer said in the report, meaning it is safe to assume that rolling papers combined with ‘clean’ cannabis would not cause a compliance failure under California rules.

The products used for the study were purchased from Amazon and various retailers in Santa Cruz.


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I cringe hearing that. I used to use double papers so the joint burned slower - that’s what my brother in law taught me anyway. Using a roller because I couldn’t roll a joint like some other talented people. The last of the joint was the strongest. Makes your lips sticky too!:scooter::weed:


Always in search of the perfect vaporizer
Interesting report. The pre rolls are really popular in WA state. That’s something that they don’t talk about.
A lot of the papers are probably made in China or elsewhere without anybody checking or very relaxed regulations.


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Heavy metal papers should be the name of a music magazine, not problem paraphernalia.
(Another reason Vaping Is Better).
It's O.K. to not know how to roll a joint, just like it's O.K. not to know how to churn butter. It's a nice skill, but it's not required. The joint rollers work well, and are cheap if joint production is required. I'm ditching the shame on this one.
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Its been closing in on a year but on the on rare occasions I use fire it has most times been through a dry bong loaded with clean, activated charcoal at least a 1/4" above any holes in the perc or bowl stem. It redefines the word bland. No flavor, extremely cool smoke, more so than using water, the effects remain. An Afghan, cousin to a prior Afghan Pres. showed me this. I've searched & only found mention of this in HT Magazine however never found the actual article. Though many glass makers offer pieces that hold charcoal fitting the joint of the water piece with bowl on top.

I've found it to be a safer alternative for the Old Hard Heads that won't convert. When blunts or joints have been running choice for years. Never got blunts, herb & floor swept tobacco never mix well.... Now, I cant believe I wuzz choking down an oz. a week when smoking. It just wasn't healthy. No shame, there is just a better way

I am concerned with the direction some of the growers are going. Bad things being added for appearance or thicken flower etc. It will I believe only get worse in some places....

I'm babbling. Unable to partake for for a few days. It's a good thing.... At least that's what I tell myself. I'll be back home soon I hope

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