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arizer solo

Portable vaporizer
Portable conduction vaporizer made by Arizer. It features a two piece system (vaporizer and stem) with seven temperature settings and automatic shut off.
  1. 420edc

    Vape Arizer Solo III

    Introducing the Solo III, Arizer's most powerful and advanced portable...by far. Boasting groundbreaking advances in Arizer heating technology, a new & improved operating system with large color display, Session Mode with new programmable Preset Temps, new On Demand Mode, Arizer's new XL Glass...
  2. Vitolo

    Discontinued Arizer Solo

    The Solo surely deserves a thread. This little workhorse produces hits as thick as a desktop most of the time and is versatile, with gongs, Wongs, and all the fancy stuff. I love this vaporizer for patients use. It is truly a tool that has a medical feel to it, that does not make the user feel...

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