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Butane hash oil
A non-polar hydrocarbon which is used as a solvent in many other industries such as essential oil extraction, butane is especially well-suited for stripping cannabis buds or trim of their cannabinoids, terpenes, and other essential oils while leaving behind the majority of unwanted chlorophyll and plant waxes. Home manufacturers generally use a glass or steel tube and lighter fluid-grade butane (yes, it’s a risky process), while commercial producers rely upon expensive, “closed loop” extraction units and high-quality n-butane to perform butane extractions. With either method, the solvent washes over the plant material and is then purged off from the resulting solution using a variety of techniques and variables such as heat, vacuum and agitation. These post-extraction processes also determine what the final texture of the product is, whether it be budder, shatter, or a more traditional sticky hash oil. Routinely testing at over 60% THC, BHO is the most popular choice for “dabbing” — when well-made, it offers a very potent, direct, and flavorful method of ingesting cannabis.
• “I like my BHO to shatter rather than pull and snap. Nothing worse than shooting half a gram across the room instead of getting it on the dabber.”
  1. momofthegoons

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