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cannabis legalization

  1. momofthegoons

    Law Greece

    This hasn't much to do with legalization.... but.... thought it was worth posting. :lol: Herd of Sheep Devour Hundreds of Pounds of Pot in Greece A herd of sheep ate hundreds of pounds of pot in a remote area in Greece. A herd of sheep grazing near Almyros in the Thessaly region Greece...
  2. momofthegoons

    Law Thailand

    THAILAND MOVES FORWARD WITH PROPOSED CANNABIS EXPANSION On August 4th, Thailand’s Cabinet approved a motion that would allow farmers, patients, and medical professionals to grow, produce, and even export cannabis. The new law, if passed, would also permit the Public Health Ministry to use...
  3. Baron23

    Law New Hampshire

    New Hampshire decriminalizes small amounts of marijuana By Associated Press July 19 at 10:29 AM CONCORD, N.H. — New Hampshire has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu on Tuesday signed the bill that reduces the penalty for possession of...
  4. Baron23

    Law Utah

    Utah Group Files 2018 Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Activists who say they are tired of waiting for Utah’s conservative Legislature to pass a broad medical marijuana law launched an effort Monday to ask voters next year to pass the law, a move that would bypass state...
  5. momofthegoons

    Law Connecticut

    Democrats will push legalizing pot as part of budget fix Senate and House Democrats will recommend the legalization, licensing and taxation of marijuana sales in Connecticut to help balance the next state budget, sources close to the caucuses told The Mirror. Democratic legislative leaders are...
  6. Baron23

    Law Delaware

    House panel takes up marijuana legalization bill By Associated Press May 10 at 8:23 AM DOVER, Del. — State lawmakers are giving initial scrutiny to a bill legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Delaware. The legislation being considered in a House committee Wednesday regulates and...
  7. Baron23

    Law Arkansas

    Arkansas: Emergency Medical Marijuana Rules to Take Effect May 8 The Arkansas Legislative Council leadership set in motion the key players in the state's new medical marijuana law from seed to sale. The council's approval of emergency rules Wednesday allowed them go into effect Monday at noon...
  8. Baron23

    Law District of Columbia

    Charges Dropped for All but 2 in DC Pot Giveaway WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors have dropped charges against six of the eight people arrested during a marijuana giveaway near the U.S. Capitol. The U.S. attorney’s office said Friday that it would pursue misdemeanor charges only against...
  9. Baron23

    Law North Dakota

    North Dakota: Governor Signs Measure Amending Voter-Approved Medical Marijuana Initiative Wednesday, 19 April 2017 Bismarck, ND: Governor Doug Burgum signed legislation on Tuesday amending provisions of the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act - a voter-initiated measure approved by 65 percent...
  10. Baron23

    Law Canada MJ News

    I came across some articles on MJ in Canada and thought our brothers and sisters from the great white north might like a thread for this type of info Canadian Health Insurance Is Covering Cannabis If you’re into marijuana—like, really into marijuana—you should move to Canada. Particularly if...
  11. Baron23

    Law Oregon

    Oregon Might Be Saying Goodbye to Clean Cannabis By Allie Beckett on March 31st, 2017 at 11:23 am | Updated: March 31st, 2017 at 11:40 am Marijuana News, Oregon Out of all the states that have legalized adult-use of cannabis, Oregon currently has the toughest pesticide testing laws...
  12. Baron23

    Law Nevada

    The sin that's not welcome in Sin City You can gamble and drink all you want on the Las Vegas Strip. But you can't buy weed there -- even though it's legal in Nevada. The state voted last fall to legalize recreational marijuana, which means it will eventually be sold in stores like alcohol. But...
  13. CarolKing

    Law Washington state has legal cannabis

    Washington Marijuana Information Tours & Activities Lodging Retail Shops Quick FAQ Forum Washington, coincidentally nicknamed The Evergreen State has become one of the most marijuana friendly areas of the country. Medicinal cannabis has been legal since 1998 and on Nov. 3, 2012, Washington...
  14. Sixstringsmash

    Law New Jersey

    http://www.nj.gov/health/medicalmarijuana/pat_faqs.shtml Covered conditions Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Multiple sclerosis Terminal cancer Muscular dystrophy Inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease Terminal illness, if the physician has determined a prognosis of less than 12...
  15. Baron23

    Law Illinois MMJ

    Illinois considers legalizing marijuana for a fiscal boost SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Marijuana advocates are trying to lay the groundwork for Illinois to become the first state in the Midwest and the ninth nationwide to legalize recreational pot, arguing the move will help solve the state’s notorious...
  16. Baron23

    Law Maryland MMJ

    Starting a thread on my home state of Maryland which passed MMJ law almost 4 years ago and still doesn't have a patient registry open much less a dispensary. Below are some voluminous posts I have written previously on the subject. On another board, Maryland MMJ did not attract any comment or...
  17. Chicken Charlie

    Law Massachusetts

    The Department of Public Health has issued a warning to Leafly that it may be in violation of the state law prohibiting advertisements for marijuana delivery services suggesting that they are operating without state oversight. State officials reiterated this week that the delivery options appear...
  18. momofthegoons

    Law Michigan MMJ

    Michigan is a medical marijuana state and is poised to go recreational. According to this article: Here is an article that details the changes that were made to the MMJ law in October, 2016. I have asked a Michigan NORML member to come aboard and add information regarding the law here and up...
  19. His_Highness

    Law Florida

    Was reading a local newspaper and found a reference to this location and web site for getting qualified: http://mymedicalmarijuanadoc.com/index.cfm Here's a link to Florida dispensaries: https://fldispensaries.com/
  20. CarolKing

    Law California

    71-percent of US voters (say) that the government should not interfere with states that passed legalized marijuana and during your campaign, you committed to honoring states’ rights when it comes to marijuana legalization," Newsom wrote on Feb. 24, 2017. This isn't meant to turn into cannabis...

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