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ceramic atomizer

  1. momofthegoons

    Vape StoneSmiths Slash Concentrate Pen

    Anyone seen or tried this one? They reached out to me today via email... I don't do affiliate work but thought I'd put the info out there for the community. Looks like it might be a good pen... Made in Canada, magnetic cap, no coils (ceramic 'cup')...
  2. OldOyler

    Vape Xvape V-One 1.0

    Peace all! I'll make this short and sweet, and see if anyone has thoughts, etc. Found this for $29 plus about $4 for USPS First Class mail, they're a continental US company (fyi for your shipping needs). Replacement ceramic coils are like $8. I use these folks for my Yocan Torch coils...

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