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  1. momofthegoons

    Meds Cannabinoid Clinical Trials - 4Q 2017 Report

    Clinical Trials of Cannabinoids – 4Q 2017 Report In this update: OCD, pancreatic cancer, osteoarthritis, bipolar, depression/anxiety, dementia, lupus, vascular function, & multiple sclerosis. New Study Starts (4Q 2017): 1. Effects of Marijuana on Symptoms of OCD Obsessive-compulsive disorder...
  2. Schnitzel777

    Meds Depression

    My grandfather passed away yesterday 3/15/2018. He's been in the hospital for a while now and was on hospice care the past few days. It was inevitable that this day would come. I never have lost anyone in my family so this is all new to me. It's very sad and I will miss my grandpa but life goes...

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