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desktop vaporizer

  1. 3581663E-2C9A-4084-AF1E-48B24404E058.jpeg


    Magma Industries Obsidian
  2. Onsen Labs

    Vape Onsen Labs Desktop Pro Vaporizer

    Introducing the Desktop Pro Vaporizer!!! By OnsenLabs.com Currently seeking Beta Testers! Here's your opportunity to take part in shaping vaporizer design! Click below to learn more and apply: https://www.onsenlabs.com/blog/desktop-pro-beta-trial-program
  3. ddave

    Water pipe Recycler or Tornado Vortex Preferred for Desktop Vaporizer

    Considering a water piece for inclusion in the mod kits. I own a sweet recycler and can get a good deal on them. I can hit it as hard as I can, and never a drop of water up the mouthpiece. Hits are amazingly smooth. But, also have seen and am interested in a Tornado Vortex piece as well. I've...
  4. unklmark68

    Vape Da Buddha - 7thfloorvapes

    I love the DBV, amazing flavor , great with a bong! In my opinion, 7thfloorvapesmakes the best desktop whip-style vapes. Here's a pic of my "Slightly Modded" DBV ... Made the pedestal the same angle as the SSV, Red is 3M vinyl, the kind that is used on racecars(My friend works in Nascar, and...

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