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To take a dose of medicine
  1. bulllee

    Meds Is Determining a Standard Marijuana Dosing Unit Possible

    Is Determining a Standard Marijuana Dosing Unit Possible? Is there a basic “marijuana dose”? Maybe, but so many exceptions apply that the answer may never satisfy. By Chris Roberts Published on April 11, 2022 It’s Friday afternoon and you’re leaving work early. You’re ready to ease into the...
  2. momofthegoons

    Meds Cannabis Dosing - Oral - Topical - Elixirs

    Dosing Important Dosage Instructions and Treatment Information Stoney Girl Gardens is leading the industry with research and development of strains, proper cannabis oil dosages, treatments and applications. If you are a new user please consult the information below for the most effective...
  3. momofthegoons

    Meds How strong are my edibles

    Figuring out how much THC is in your edibles can seem tricky but it's really a simple formula. The first thing you need to determine is how much THC is in your starting product. Most cannabis strains are around 10%, but some can go over 21%. If your bud's THC content isn't labeled by the...

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