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dynavap accessories

  1. Futo_derek

    Accessories Futo Dugouts

    Hey Everyone. Derek from Futo here. I figured I should make us a thread here to show off and discuss our products. If you dont know about Futo, let me fill you in a bit. We are a small company, located in the heart of the Canadian prairies, that makes dugouts/stashes made from exotic woods and...
  2. Andy Capp

    Accessories Andy Capp Creations

    Hey all ! I’m Andy Capp:rofl: I purchased my first M in late August ‘18 and it immediately changed the way I consume. It amazes me that such a simple device could have such if an impact on people’s lives. As a machinist, I have a passion to create. I’ve honed my craft and I feel like I can...

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